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Darksided #&$%^ %*$&#$ %*$&$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Darksided #&$%^ %*$&#$ %*$&$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

    ***We already have plenty of Atheism, Theism, etc threads. Let's discuss the video only, not whether one persons view is better than another's***

    With that said, prepare to either LOL or WTF?!


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    Re: Darksided #&$%^ %*$&#$ %*$&$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, yeah, what is this show? The large woman looks familiar.

    I'm not quite understanding besides the fact that I don't agree with these "reality shows".

    Edit: Okay, now I'm somewhat understanding.

    Initial impressions after watching this video (about the large woman in the black dress):

    1) Very traditional Christian/Catholic and/or ignorant.

    2) Very emotional.

    Impressions of the media crew:

    1) They further the stereotype that media people are heartless and care nothing but about the ratings, drama, and the "story" in their lack of compliance in "get(ting) the hell out of [my] house" as the woman said several times over during the clip.

    2) I feel that these show personnel already knew this woman was very traditional but still felt the need to provoke her by "challenging" her faith by introducing her to other religions while on a talk show (which one I don't know).

    Frankly I'm not sure what to feel. On one hand, if I were in her shoes, the two/three camera personnel would be running out that front door as I chase them out with something heavy, big, and menacing. On the other hand, I feel sorry for the children since they have to endure her mother's franticness and the media crew's constant filming of their lives.

    Perhaps if I lived in another state, I might have owned and shotgun and wielded it instead of a large and heavy object.
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      Re: Darksided #&$%^ %*$&#$ %*$&$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

      This was a "Wife Swap" show, or something like that.

      In a way it is funny because, well, crazy people are kinda funny.

      But it is also kinda sad. Because crazy people are also sad.

      The woman has problems. I feel sorry for her family because she decided to do the show twice or did another show.
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        Re: Darksided #&$%^ %*$&#$ %*$&$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah, it's one of the shows where film crews have a contract to be in your house. The husband was still allowing them to stay, so they stayed. <shrug>

        There are LOTS of crazy people out there, christian and otherwise...
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          Re: Darksided #&amp;$%^ %*$&amp;#$ %*$&amp;$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

          I think this was the 3rd show, I once watched a viewing of it that had a African American family that was all about not letting the white people keeping him down, kind of reminded me of Samuel L Jackson from the 3rd die hard movie. They said it was her second show I did not watch it to see how it went.

          If you dumb enough to agree to a contract where there is a crew in your home filming (presumably with some disclaimer that you can not kick them out) that if you act like a smack tard that does not get out out of contract. After thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of film, wages & airplane tickets not to mention the 50 grand per side I think it is there right to say when kicked (provideing they have a contract to that effect.

          Her husband and kids looked like they wanted to leave her they were so embarrassed.


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            Re: Darksided #&amp;$%^ %*$&amp;#$ %*$&amp;$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

            I'm not really sure it's correct to call her traditional. She's just crazy. haha


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              Re: Darksided #&amp;$%^ %*$&amp;#$ %*$&amp;$%*$*$*!!!!!!!!!!

              Hey, I remember her from a Wife Swap commercial.

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