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Just when there is nothing bad on tv...

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  • Just when there is nothing bad on tv...

    "Jessica has infectious energy and unmistakable star quality," ABC entertainment president Susan Lyne said
    Translation: She is stupid and she is hot, so this show is going to be a hit.

    Isnt this one of the "Seven signs of the Apocalypse"? Skylark? Preacher man? I see the moon turning to blood and the sun getting dark... or would that be the other way around? Either way, this isnt good..

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    Look...the networks know that TV is a lumbering Dinosaur.

    The internet and computing revolution is akin to a BIG-ASS asteroid hauling right towards the Yucatan Peninsula.

    The only folks who watch TV all the time are either too stupid or too poor to have a computer, so either way, the delta between US and THEM is ever increasing. I see it like this:

    Armed with the knowledge that only the indigent, ignorant and/or plain retarded give a rats-ass whats on network TV, the Tech-savvy have quietly taken control of the TV networks. I mean...AOL bought Time-Warner, and Venvidi-Universal owns Sierra and other software firms / developers.


    Being that the "digerati" own the media outlets...they want to secure their position of power. Thus, they have created a rash of Television programming to render the ignorant TOTALLY HOPELESS, it's called Reality TV.

    So....while the stupid (93.6% of the American population) watch the latest shmuck of the week eat live goldfish, or sleep unknowingly with his sister, we grow smarter and faster every-day, thanks of course to our friends up top creating the insipid Television diversion.

    You hear of a "Digital Divide" on the nightly news...well it's real, and the networks KNOW their driving a spike down the population make it even more pronounced / divergent.


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      Jessica Simpson=The DEVIL.That is all.


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        Get over it... James what has she done to you for you to hate her so much?
        I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
        --Douglas Adams


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          Originally posted by Big-B
          Get over it... James what has she done to you for you to hate her so much?
          I can't speak for James, but for me, it's not her specifically... But she represents a lot of what Sean just outlined. It's the dumbing down of America. I like to see hot chicks just as much as the next guy, but now it's coming at the expense of quality entertainment. When Britney Aguilera outsells artists with REAL singing talent, something is wrong...
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            Dave pretty much said how I feel, so I dont need to reply.

            I dont pretend to be super smart, but I do know the difference between "chicken" and "tuna fish"...


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              Originally posted by BATMAN.
              Jessica Simpson=The DEVIL.That is all.


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                I like her untill she opens her mouth.


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                  Originally posted by Spectre
                  Dunno, man, I still watch TV. Well, to be slightly more precise, I only watch shows that I have decided (sometimes randomly) to tell my DVR to record ahead of time. Being that I can easily skip all commercials this way (and of course pause, rewind, etc), TV has all of a sudden become convenient and less irritating to watch. Although the idea probably doesn't sit well with their advertisers. Heh, I guess I'll just enjoy what I can while it still exists.


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                    Jessica Simpson, on buffalo wings: "I don't eat buffalo...It's not?
                    Then why are they called...."

                    On the aftermath of death: "Rigor who?"

                    On Chicken of the Sea tuna: "Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it's tuna. But it says chicken. By the sea."



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                      Since I don't have cable TV I don't have much of a choice on what I can watch on the tube.

                      However, there are some shows that I actually enjoy watching....

                      7th Heaven
                      Karen Sisco (okay so I like the show for the eye candy :P )
                      According to Jim
                      CSI: Miami

                      Now if I had cable, I would spend alot of time watching the History channel.


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                        Only thing worth watching are..
                        Conan O Brien..
                        Discovery channel...

                        I love gaming, mmmmmmmm


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                          Originally posted by Wolfie
                          7th Heaven
                          I watch this show too.. but for one reason only Beverley Mitchell is a f^$$ing hottie!




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