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  • Madventures - Backbagger travel show

    Forget loney planet. Forget any other travel show you might have seen.
    Madventures is nothing like them. Two finnish guys and a camera, not a lot of money but still enough to go around the world in 8 months. That's right, not two campervans of directors, makeupartists, sound guys and cameramen.
    The show started airing back in 2002 in Finland with the first season. It immediately became cult show and won almost every "best finnish show" award there was.

    Last fall we Finns had an annoucement that our favourite TV show is going to air the third season and the rights to show the tv show has been sold to US travel channel and UKs channel fives Fiver. One new thing was that the show will be spoken in english unlike before.
    I don't know when the show will air at Travel channel, all I know that the show will first air on Finnish SubTV 5th of April, all we have been told is that it'll air on US and UK channels "later that year".
    Now I was halting on telling you about this great show that truly has changed my life and the way I view the world because I didn't know too much about when it'll air at your part of the world, then I saw that they are going to air the first and second season at your places probably dubbed in english.

    Here's a commercial that you might have seen, I just saw it for the first time in youtube.
    Not work safe.

    Honestly guys, give the show a go. Im currently asking the shows co-creator Riku (the bald fat guy with pirate moustache) if he has any info about US and UK airdates.
    It's great show, especially if you want to see the world and need a kickstart. With 1000€ you can live over a year in India in wealth - at your home you can live with that money about a month.

    Homepage (under construction, they'll probably finish the site before April)
    IMDB page

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    Re: Madventures - Backbagger travel show

    looks good kebab, maybe if my tv works i can watch it. if not i sense utorrent will be open a bit.. (did i just say that)


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      Re: Madventures - Backbagger travel show

      I bet there will be TV rips coming after the first episode airs 5th of April. :)
      Btw, Season 2 has english subtitles in the DVD, just throwing it out there ;)


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        Re: Madventures - Backbagger travel show

        00:06-00:08 This is what we have been waiting for
        00.27-00:40 Show that was voted to be the best show on SubtTV returns with brand new episodes. Starting from 5th of April.
        00:42-00:46 Im so dizzy right now that I can't make sense of anything.
        00:47-00:56 My head is overfloading from thoughts. It's like Im having a nightmare.

        Info box:

        The premiere of the new season of Madventures airs on the 5th of april 22.00 on subtv!

        The unique style of Riku Rantala and Tunna milonoff also works abroad: the rights to the
        show were sold to Travel Channel before the publishing of the show. Also working with sub
        and Travel is the british Fiver, that airs the 3rd season of madventures this year in britain.

        This season madventures will be aired in english, but the travel is as cruel as before.
        The segment that tests the boundaries of culinarism - Madcook - also stays with the show.

        Director Milonoff and producer Rantala reveiced an award for the best show in Finland.
        The audience also voted Rantala as the best male "actor". The show has also received a Venla
        and a media and message-award. The madventures-guide for travellers was also selected as
        the years best travellers guide.

        5.4. Amazonas. Rantala and Milonoff start their trip around the world following Burroughsis and Ginsbergs footsteps from urban jungle to the deepest jungles, inside the deepest swamps of human subconsciousness.

        12.4. West Africa. With trans and Loa trips they flip out in the gory native religion. Old scars are torn open and new ones are cut open on the face of innocence. Blood is life!

        19.4. Ex-CCCP. Trip into the radioactive zone behind the rusty ironcurtain! Worlds most noteworthy and mythical railway track brings Madventures to visit man who is immortal and to worlds strangest sport.

        26.4. Felix Arabia. Nomads, Rantala and Milonoff go take a trip into the desert with khat in their cheeks. Behind them is constant danger - clan leaders armed to the teeth and their own western prejudice towards Arabics.

        3.5. Japan. Joyrney to the source of the holy steel and dip into the waters at the roots of the sun - into the core of the idea of perfect, mechanical love and collition of ultramodern culture and old traditions.

        10.5. Hindustan. The Myriads, a land of gods and such, Riku and Tunna confront the most sacred
        and the unholy men and also join a cult of 10 million cursed karma and attemp to cleans themselves
        of sin.

        24.5 The empire of the "middle". Madventures seeks the deepest being of ancient filosofy. The MadCook
        plate includes organs and animals that might turn your stomach upside down, and as the drink
        they have the world's most rare tea. The dogs bark and the caravan marches on!

        Papua New-Guinea. Rantala & Milonoff get lost in the deep jungles of Papua, right in the middle
        of crocodiles, preachers and other wild beasts while they search the nature of cannibalism.

        31.5 The chosen land. Madventures seeks faith, hope and love from there, where it is diminishing.
        They meet poverty and a easter for the ages. Your already hanging on the cross, Rantala!

        7.6SE- Asia. The journey of Madventures ends on a river boat across five countries. Will Rantala's
        and Milonoff's spirit bend before a pack of soldiers or will they stand tall as free men?
        Drug dealers, opression and warmachines!

        Thanks to kln with translation help so we could go to pub in time :row__577:


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          Re: Madventures - Backbagger travel show

          Since I started this thread I might aswell update it, even most of you don't care. ;)

          "Madventures" will begin airing on the Travel Channel on Sept. 21st at 10PM.
          There was also preview of the shows 2nd episode aired some time during July. Finnish episodes ended three months ago and most of Finland has seen the new series, again topping the charts as the most popular TV show aired.

          Here's some previews of the preview TravelChannel aired:

          Here's the official TravelChannel page and YouTube page with clips from previous episodes:




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