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Student writes college entrance essay about playing an MMO

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  • Student writes college entrance essay about playing an MMO

    Here's the quote of the actual essay... see the link above for full article / interview with the student.

    At times when my work is done, I am a superhero. I go through the streets in my shiny costume fighting crime. Going to other dimensions, saving the earth from certain doom, and rescuing innocent civilians from office buildings is a mundane task for me. This all sounds strange, but I am serious. I am a superhero in a game, “City of Heroes” to be exact. Most people dismiss games as only for children, but, in fact, underneath all the graphics and game play is a tight community of people.

    I started playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs for short) roughly two years ago. They are very important in my life, not only for entertainment, but also for friends and social interactions. Where else in the world am I able to talk at the same time to one person from Brazil and another one from British Columbia? I have discussed politics with a man from Great Britain and have talked about the best way to prepare macaroni to a person in Arizona. I have formed friendships with a soldier who is currently stationed in Kentucky and a family man who lives in California. A Unix Systems administrator has helped me with computer problems. I have made friends with a recent immigrant from Korea who currently resides in Virginia. You learn a lot about people when you talk to them.

    I find that, in the virtual world, people can get to know me for who I really am, my character, my ideas, and my actions. I am not limited by the way I look and am free to express my thoughts and ideas. Playing this game allows me to really express myself and be who I am inside.

    I have learned a lot about people from my years in this community, including their characters, what they like, and what they dislike, and they have taught me all the ways that I can improve myself to become a better person. One wouldn’t think that finding a group builds character, but it does. I always have to be courteous and kind and express my thoughts in a clear, coherent manner. People won’t want to be in my group if I am undecided about what I am doing and not communicating well with the other people. If I behave badly, people won’t respect me and will more than likely ignore me.

    I have enjoyed my time in the virtual world very much and will continue to stay there and play for many more years. I have made lasting friends with whom I have to communicate almost daily. The soldier in Kentucky is being transferred to Oklahoma. The family man has just had another addition to the family and has been playing less. The man from Great Britain has unfortunately stopped playing. However, no matter where they or I go, we will always remember each other, in the “City of Heroes.”
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