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What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

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  • What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

    Just thought It would be funny to share.

    This is a rush transcript from "Glenn Beck," February 16, 2009. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.
    Like everybody else I couldn't find anything on this "alert" but I did find a really bizarre exchange between State Senator Patrick and Glenn Beck on this topic:

    BECK: Dan, Dan -

    PATRICK: We have 19 border crossings with Mexico. Number two, Texas - we should be calling out our national guard. We should be calling out Texas guard. We should be beefing up our sheriffs on the border. We should be beefing up our Department of Public Safety on the border.

    BECK: It would be nice if candy bars came out of my butt, too.

    PATRICK: We need to do all of those things and we need to do them now.

    BECK: And I can eat all day. But they're not going to come out of my butt. So why are we talking about that? The government is not going to do it.

    PATRICK: Glenn - Glenn, it will be done if we have leadership, if we have leadership here in this state and if we have leadership in the country.

    BECK: Hang on -

    PATRICK: And at some point, leaders will emerge, Glenn.

    BECK: Oh, my god. It's a candy bar. It's not going to happen, Dan.

    PATRICK: Leaders will emerge, Glenn.

    BECK: You know what? I'm going to do this -

    PATRICK: It will happen.

    BECK: I'm going to do this - I'm going to eat chocolate for the next week, in hopes that I can make candy bars come into my pants. You keep trying to find a leader that is actually going to clean up the border. I bet I make candy bars in my shorts faster than you can find a leader.

    PATRICK: And you know what, Glenn? I share your passion on these issues, and it is up to each of us. I have to lead from where I am. I'm not the president and I'm not the governor.

    But I'm a state senator who has had enough of this. And I'm going to continue to push this issue by going to the border, by talking to our homeland security director, by talking to our governor and doing everything I can to push the issue.

    BECK: Dan -

    PATRICK: We all have to do everything we can ...

    BECK: I know -

    PATRICK: ... whether you're a sheriff on the border or a senator in Austin. And I'm not going to quit, Glenn. It's not an option.

    BECK: Dan, look. I'm not taking it out on you.

    PATRICK: I'm not going to quit talking about it.

    BECK: I know, but there is - you know and I know there is something spoiled down on our border and we are part of it. Our government is part of it. I don't know what it is. You go and try to rat it out. You let me know. I'm going to be here trying to make candy bars in my pants.


    Dont get me wrong, the whole thing is nothing funny. But I just do like how this turned out.

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    Re: What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

    Damn, he's funny. I know that a lot of people here think he's too conservative, but he's still pretty dang funny.
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      Re: What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

      I love glen :P

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        Re: What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

        He cracks me up.

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          Re: What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

          Nothing about.. candy bars, a mans ass, and the US/Mexico border really entertains me, tbh. I don't see the commedy in it.


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            Re: What Happens to the U.S. if Mexico Collapses?

            Dan Patrick is a state senator? Man, I miss him on ESPN...
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