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My total loss of respect for Marvel Comics..

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  • My total loss of respect for Marvel Comics..

    As many of you know, I am a big comic book fan. Have been for years. My favorite pubishler right now has been Marvel. But...

    Recently I have been losing my respect for Marvel. See, Marvel has taken a lawsuit out against the makers of the game "City of Heroes". Marvel argues, that you can create avatars that have powers simlar to Marvel comic characters.

    Irony, you gotta love it.

    See, Marvel knows better then anybody what stealing is like since every character that they have (Stan Lee made) is basically stolen from another comic book company or just literiter in general. Quicksilver, he is basically The Flash right down to the lightening bolt on his costume. Hawkeye is a purple version of DC's Green Arrow. Even Mr Fantastic is rip off of a character from the 40's named Plastic Man. And lets not forget that both, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are ripped off from JLA. Ever heard of Doom Patrol? When they first came out in 1963, they were dubbed "The world's strangest heroes". They even had a leader who was in a wheel chair for christ sakes.. sound familer? It should because a couple of months later X-Men debuted. The concept for Bruce Banner\Hulk was taken from Dr. Jykle and Mr. Hyde

    But who cares? Thats what comic publishers do. They rip each other off. Has been going on for years. Some times the characters work (Quicksilver). Some times they dont (Jubilee). But come on Marvel.. sueing over it? You dont own the powers, you own the likness of the characters. You cant sue because another comic book character has claws made out of metal.



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