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Today's Darwin Award....

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  • Today's Darwin Award....

    Kid jumps from one building to another.
    Kid doesn't make it and falls 80 feet.
    Lucky Kid only breaks his arm.
    Parents sue building owner for not having a safety fence.
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    Re: Today's Darwin Award....

    Jeeezum. I guess "brave" will have to do until "home of the litigated" better fits the melody.
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      Re: Today's Darwin Award....

      In other news: Parents sue God for giving birth to Mentally Retarded children.

      "God should have known better than to not give my son the ability of basic common sense" commented the mother.

      Said the boy's father: "That boy just ain't right. Someone has to pay, and God has deep pockets."

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        Re: Today's Darwin Award....

        Since Bargfrede fell, the City of Orlando erected a partial fence but there's still room for someone to take a dangerous dive.

        The family says that's not good enough and that both garages need to take responsibility before a garage jumper loses his life.
        They're right, the city should require the parents to slap some sense into the kids, before attempting to leap a chasm 80' off the ground. What the heck is wrong with parents these days....Look ma'am, sir, I really can't help it that your childs smarts only fall one notch above mental retardation, you might want to look into a containment system for that child....

        sheesh...what next, they gonna make it city code that parking garages must be totally contained because there are morons out there that will jump if you don't save them from themselves ? :icon23:




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