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  • WTF? What is happening??

    Fingerprints Required to Sell Home in Chicago

    March 13, 2009

    It is billed as a way to prevent fraud — Chicago and Cook County homeowners will be required to give fingerprints in order to sell their homes. “The new law, which is set to go into effect June 1, 2009, will force anyone selling property in Cook County to provide a thumbprint from their right hand,” reports CBS 2 Chicago.

    Um... Thoughts... I have a headache...
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    Re: WTF? What is happening??

    And they might raise personal income tax!,7352846.story

    Gov. Pat Quinn today acknowledged he plans to raise income taxes in the wake of a Chicago Tribune story that he is considering a 50 percent increase on individuals.


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      Re: WTF? What is happening??


      Do you know if fraud in home buying is a particular problem there?


      Unfortunately, we are all going to see a lot more of things like that all over the US soon, I think. Both the states and the fed (as well as local gov'ts) have been spending money like it's going out of style for a decade now, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. All of that money has to come from somewhere, and I doubt that W. is gonna be chipping in his share.
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        Re: WTF? What is happening??

        wait... what? What? .... What?!

        Unreasonable search and seizure says what?


        Can they even do that? I mean... It says. in the thing! The thing with the stuff! The stuff that says they can't tell you to shut up or worship Ba'al! It says 'don't take my stuff without due process and stuff! And be reasonable!"


        I think our democracy needs a tune up.




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