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  • AP and the FOIA

    Interesting article from the AP today about their experience with the Freedom of Information Act and state secrets in recent years. If you haven't read into this kind of thing before, you might be surprised at how disorganized and seemingly random ways that various federal agencies handle public requests for information.

    For example, it takes the Department of Homeland Security an average of 58 days to respond to a an 'expedited' request for information - such as in the case of an important or breaking news story. In some cases it can take years to even get a response from a Federal agency. And this is the Associated Press, not just Joe Taxpayer.

    And the details of the Battle of Mogadishu (Blackhawk Down)? Still classified, despite the book, movie and countless interviews covering the incident.

    Stuff like this makes it look like we really are living under some kind of evil regime, though as we all know it's more like a confounded bureacracy.

    This kind of article also gives you an indication of how journalism really works - and works hard. It's a far cry from some of the punditry that's being peddled as journalism these days.



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