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  • Black Money - got corruption?

    I love Frontline, especially when Lowell Bergman is at the helm. Here's some refreshingly real journalism.

    $1 trillion a year is spent on outright bribery in this wonderful world we live in, despite it (supposedly) being illegal in not just the U.S. but for any corporation or government that does business in the U.S.

    Get up to speed on U.S., Brittish and Saudi corruption. Here's why Saudi Arabia, as brutal and corrupt a regime as any, gets the white glove treatment when it comes to U.S. and British political affairs.

    As the investigation grew, the Blair government was pressured by the Saudis and by Prince Bandar himself, who went to 10 Downing Street and threatened to end cooperation with the British in the fight against terror if the investigations into Al Yamamah continued. "The expression was, 'You know, there's going to be a lot of people dead on the streets,'" a senior British fraud prosecutor tells Bergman of the Saudi threats that ultimately led to the shutting down of the British BAE investigation. "If we go forward with an investigation into these accounts in Switzerland, we may find we're not going to be able to do what we can do to stop terrorism."
    How is it that a mostly fictional fight against terrorism trumps the public trust? How is it that a former FBI director (Louis Freeh) ends up serving as a legal representative for a Saudi Prince, personally deflecting any investigative efforts into some $2 billion that passed through a U.S. bank between a BAE account and Bandar? Why launder money through Switzerland when you can just send it straight through Washington? Why is Saudi Arabia referred to as an 'ally' by public officials when in fact the relationship is a negotiated one - consisting of oil, money, and weapons, all of which Saudi royals are happy to hold hostage against the 'war on terror?'

    Some of these public 'officials' should be thrown out in the street. They would be if more people paid attention to what is happening. Do your part and tune in.



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