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  • Fun music making tool

    Saw this earlier, just wanted to share it with you guys. Basically, it's a 16x16 grid, and when you click a square, it plays a note. Notes at the bottom are low-pitched, high-pitched at the top. It progresses right to left and plays the notes fairly quickly, so you can only make a 3-second or so clip (which constantly loops). Also, you can share your tunes by right-clicking and pressing copy, then simply paste the code.

    Here's my first decent one (just copy it in):
    67984,67600,68368,2064,2448,0,65728,65536,70656,87 08,5220,8708,70852,65536,65924,0

    Let's see what crazy tunes TG can make!
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    Re: Fun music making tool

    Really, really cool. Thanks for sharing. +rep to you :)

    You know what is cool to try? Write your name and check what sound the letters make. :)

    Also try erasing all (space bar) when it ends a sequence and quickly draw something else. The best stuff is to draw and erase on the fly. If you keep pressing the mouse key you'll keep dropping or erasing notes (repeats the first action).

    Copy and paste...

    Rough happy face: 0,16128,16832,49248,33840,101784,72072,69640,69640 ,72072,67976,101400,32816,49248,25472,15872

    114720,97296,116616,28808,117956,25444,12580,2484, 6546,12562,49938,101412,6252,45976,102000,127040

    Setting sun:
    512,528,368,448,320,316,288,480,304,792,520,520,51 2,512,1536,3072

    0,0,0,1024,3072,3480,3480,30816,51168,98712,65944, 0,0,0,0,0

    Just some suggestions. Have fun.
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      Re: Fun music making tool

      Interesting thing I played with
      9348,8196,8960,8196,8196,4096,8292,9476,8192,9348, 8196,4176,9732,8196,8200,8196

      32776,16392,8200,20472,36856,16392,8200,16392,3684 0,18464,10528,18720,36640,16384,8192,16384

      Random Flailing:
      1090,32770,5120,17528,5972,27028,1026,4754,64482,2 4932,35930,20608,4748,24576,10832,8512

      Diagonal Lines 1:
      74898,18724,37448,74898,18724,37448,74898,18724,37 448,74898,18724,37448,74898,18724,37448,74898
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        Re: Fun music making tool

        I already ran an experiment and it works. If you can, use Audacity or something to record "what you hear" and then share it with us.

        I don't really like this one, it was just a test but you'll get the idea:

        I like this one:
        0,64,32,4096,64,0,4,0,64,128,4096,16384,31744,0,16 ,0

        Another fun one:
        32782,0,4152,0,2274,0,896,4,3584,0,47104,144,57344 ,2,114688,16

        Still experimenting with repeating offset shapes and throwing in a few random single notes:
        81954,65666,66570,8,4104,32,1056,32,8320,128,648,6 6050,2560,2048,43008,8480

        Same idea ascending and another pattern thrown in among the randomness:
        65542,66058,81922,16448,20480,4096,5122,1024,1296, 8448,448,64,68688,16,8212,4
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