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Gurkha Justice Served

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  • Gurkha Justice Served

    Indeed, justice was served.

    Very happy for the Gurkhas :)

    At last a shameful act is rectified. An honourable people at last given the credance of honour from those that would ask them to die for a country they met many years ago, and once fought, and have fought for, for a long time in of course the harshest of circumstances, because not only are they a feared elite, they are, after all, not British.. Till now :)

    Good on the politians with a seed of honour in them. As for those that opposed <spits>.

    'Nuff said.

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    Re: Gurkha Justice Served

    It is the least they could do.
    They should offer ALL Gurkhas residency in the UK.
    They offered up their lives for a country that was not their own and died for that country, what more can you ask of someone?

    This is yet another testament to the Gurkhas resilience and blind determination as they have been fighting for the right to live in the UK in the courts for years.

    Here is a quote from an English soldier who fought side by side with them.

    As I write these last words, my thoughts return to you who were my comrades, the stubborn and indomitable peasants of Nepal. Once more I hear the laughter with which you greeted every hardship. Once more I see you in your bivouacs or about your fires, on forced march or in the trenches, now shivering with wet and cold, now scorched by a pitiless and burning sun. Uncomplaining you endure hunger and thirst and wounds; and at the last your unwavering lines disappear into the smoke and wrath of battle. Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you.

    "Glory be to the Goddess of War, here come the Gorkhas!"

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      Re: Gurkha Justice Served

      i think it was an outrage that gordon brown tried to pass this, these men fight for OUR country many of them die or receive horrific injuries the least we can do is offer them a place to live in peace




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