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Breathalyzer, embarrassing email protection device $47

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  • Breathalyzer, embarrassing email protection device $47

    What the heck? Check it out...

    This device can be used as a standalone USB powered breathalyzer to report your BAC level, or as a device to help protect against any embarrassing email that you may send while intoxicated. There's no way to unsend nasty emails, and most of those embarassing emails would never be sent if you had a PC Breathalyzer. I really wish I had one of these last month.

    The bundled software can be used to lock your computer if your BAC exceeds a certain level, or you can simply record your BAC in its database. When you compare this device with the old serial-port ones sold by police supply stores for over $300, this is a great deal.

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    Re: Breathalyzer, embarrassing email protection device $47

    Happy April Fool's to you too, Squid. :)
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