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New twist on email scam ?

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  • New twist on email scam ?

    I got this one today. Not sure exactly what the joker wants...hmmmmm....
    ...heh...and also received one of those "I got money in a bank account for you if you give me your info", except this wasn't from Africa, it was some Iraqi general that left money these types never give up ??

    **Dear Sir/madam,

    I herein contact you based on my interest to invest heavily into any suitable viable or lucrative sector of the investment opportunities available in your country.

    I appreciate that you give me any useful insight into the lucrative areas presently available that I can amass commendable returns on investment, I welcome your response to enable me actualise my investment interest fruitfully.

    I believe that your joint cooperation in this lucrative venture shall foster a long term mutual profitable relationship between us.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mr. L. Stephen

    PS:Please For Confidenciality, Contact Me Through My Private Email Address ..

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Yea...I'm gonna tell him about a viable/lucrative investment sector...If I knew of just one, I'd be investing on my own !



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