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Whigurs, Palau, American politics and big money

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  • Whigurs, Palau, American politics and big money

    No (Voight and Gingrich), Obama isn't ruining America. Vote-hungry politics (and along the same lines, ratings and advertisement-hungry media) are ruining America. It matters less which party started it first - fluffing feathers on wedge issues to pander to one group of voters or another. While the headlines and airwaves are chock full of opinion over $15 or $25 billion in 'bailouts' for the American auto industry, the U.S. Congress is about to approve yet another $90 billion in war funding - bringing the total tab for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to around $900 billion, which unlike bailout money is not in any way an investment that may be returned later in the form of jobs or economic growth. These wars are not ending anytime soon, either - while Iraq is winding down, Afghanistan is winding up. It would be more than reasonable to say that the total cost of these wars (in dollars, not to even mention the catastrophic loss of human life, injured veterans, and mental trauma) will far exceed the total cost of all of our recent financial 'bailouts.'

    Why is no one talking about what these two enourmous price tags are buying us? Coming off of the heels of an administration who abysmally failed at foreign policy (WMD's, Iraq-Al Qaeda link), the public, its politics and media continue to turn their backs as if speculating about the fate of Guantanamo prisoners actually poses a greater threat to national security than two ongoing wars or inflation-driven national bankruptcy.

    Which brings me to the thread subject - Palau and the Whigurs. From stem to stern,this is ridiculous. It's embarassing, and at least in my opinion it's a shining (or steaming) example of what is really ruining America. I say no - not Obama, not Pelosi, not McConnel, Gingrich, 'Rush,' or even Voight - we are our own false prophet right now, and in the words of coach Bobby Knight, we'd "better get our head out of our a--."

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    Re: Whigurs, Palau, American politics and big money

    Americans are so easily influenced by the mainstream media, wedge issue, 2 party political system that its to the point of embarassment. People just no longer entertain any form of independent thought. Barrack Obama, Newt Gingrich, Rush linbaugh, Nancy Pelosi, to name a few, are nothing more than elaborate modern day slave masters. Who's loyalties lie not with the Constitution or the rights of the average citizen, but rather are sold to the banks, corporations, and special interests that perpetuate there own existence. There is an excellent book called Attention Deficit Democracy by author James Bovard that describes how uninformed the American public really is. And how crafty the corporate media and politicians are at decieving us all.
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