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  • Numerology

    A friend was noting how some Japanese are willing to pay a huge premium to get a house with a particular number.

    This article talks about Chinese number superstitions:

    A colleague was noodling the idea of fudging part numbers when selling to Asia to deal with superstitions about numbers.

    Of course here in the west there are those fearful of the number 13.

    What goofy results of belief in numerology have you witnessed?
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    Re: Numerology

    In the Philippines (I believe this is also true of China etc), the number 13 is considered so unlucky that elevators simply skip the 13th floor.
    There will be a 12th floor. There will be a 14th floor. There won't be a 13th floor.

    But the people on the 14th floor really know what floor they're on ;)

    Also, back when I used to be into the whole psychic thing (reading tarot, palms, etc), I used to read a person's 'number'.
    I've since forgotten the specifics of the procedure, but the end result was a number that meant you were a specific type of person. Sortof like the zodiac - Cancers are supposed to be shy. Similarly, someone's specific number (maybe 6) might represent that person highly values Truth.

    I've never believed in that sort of stuff, but they were always fun icebreakers. I still sometimes use handwriting analysis.. which I do believe has some truth to it.
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