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  • UK NIBs

    News in Brief.
    The state of the UK Government has fallen. on the world stage, as of late. No surprise to many of us British.

    So Obama sits besides the Resolute Desk emulating the famous JFK picture (The Times. 03.11.2009). It seems to me this is to suggest the 'new vision of what is right to do in the world and how the US will walk that path, just as JFK did.

    But there is more, the Resolute Desk has a history of the friendship and bond between the US and the UK; a Gift to and from the US and the British, Resolute in friendship. (

    It is not lost the fact the press release pictures were the same time "Gordon Brown risked alienating the Obama administration and British public opinion today, when he finally admitted that he agreed with the Scottish executive's decision to release the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds." The Guardian. (02.11.2009)

    Now the British judicial system is generally seen a above reproach. Many, infact, see our Law Lords as our last best hope of combating the Government when it wants to pass outrageous laws against the citizens. However, we also know of scapegoats and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has been seen as one. He has always denied his involvement but blood was needed to sate the masses. Enough of that; besides, the British do release terminally ill people on compassionate grounds.

    Seems more that Obama is saying something to the Brits in this picture that our American cousins may miss, as of course, the image has a two-fold objective.

    So Obama wants to show his holistic and wise attitude to better all our future. Good for him. But the British have been showing others things lately. The proverbial Adolescent seems to have become the Adult, and visa-versa. Us poor adolescent Brits, when did we loose our way? (or should I say, Government and other power institutions. Or was it there all the time, willing to be corrupted and now due to its shallow actions just exposed and highlighted more?).

    Well, our Prime Minister is unelected anyway.

    The Banner: SAS training soldiers from Libyan regime that provided explosives to IRA terrorists
    The Times. 12.11.2009

    But not low enough. How about: how low can you go?

    As the Queen rarely speaks out -a telling notion (if you know a little about British history and why she rarely even peeps). The exasperation of many including senior military officials but also how alot of the nation has looked at it for many many years. But hey, we got CCTV cameras to keep us safe, right?

    The Banner: Queen 'furious' about British equipment in Afghanistan
    The Times. 12.11.2009

    How low can you go?

    MI6 officer investigated over torture allegation
    The Guardian. 11.11.2009

    So: Is this yet further examples that the UK Government lost its head and the general malaise that is in the country? I think you will find many will say "yes".

    Oh , yes, it is, how low can you go? Many would like to leave the island as to them it is a sinking ship.


    Welcome to Cool Britannia. Next stop France an out.

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    Re: UK NIBs

    This is how bad it gets in the UK:

    But we shall overcome! And we got Boris :)

    Go go Boris!

    And to think he was part of the Bullingdon Club. May their silver spooned non-caring to peasantry incredulous wealth and debauchery terrorise the streets of Oxford forever! Pub aint too bad either, puts on good music at times but I wonder how long it has been since that lot actually braved the Cowley Road? Who cares! Boris Boris Boris!




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