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Lobster killed when WWII mine detonated

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  • Lobster killed when WWII mine detonated

    He had been squatting inside an unexploded mine which had remained undisturbed for the past 60 years.

    But the lobster nicknamed Lionel paid the ultimate price when Royal Navy divers failed to coax the stubborn crustacean out of his home - which tragically became his watery grave.
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    Can someone explain to me why his name was Lionel? I didn't get the reference.
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Lobster killed when WWII mine detonated

    No clue on the name, but I'm not sure why they cared about the lobster when the explosion surely killed fish, coral and other marine wildlife too. Maybe due to having named it?

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      Re: Lobster killed when WWII mine detonated

      "Doin' a Lionel"?

      The Brits have an expression. My understanding is it means a person is, or doing something, stupid/silly.

      Lionel Blair is an entertainer and made his name on prime-time gameshows. To be compared to him was offensive, although alot of the public like him. He was good at Charades being a team leader on a TV programme in the early 80's. Alot of people put him down as he was 'always happy and a bit camp'.

      There are Cockney rhyming slang words: Lionel Blair: flair, chair, and supposedly nightmare, though I have only heard it said of flares (1970's expression used today if you know it - my dad says it for example).

      Since flares are cool, you can see how weird we are in putting something down and loving something. Depends who you are I guess.

      The Brits have a keen sense of irony. Lionel the Lobster is not only 'cute' but perhaps refers to its idiocy (Lionel Blair as said was put down due to prejudicial reasons, as much as loved by others). Even 'Lionel' has a somewhat 'middle class' meaning. I can imagine an East End Londoner saying Lionel. Again this refers to the 'cutey' aspect and derogatory at the very same time.

      I guess in the case of Lionel the Lobster, it was a cute little thing about to get its ass blown off. Stupid as hell, cute little thing; banging around in a bomb, wanting to defend itself (we'd respect that). Also, us Brits love animals (we'd respect it even more - even love it a bit). So likely the boys loved him to bits and gave him a reverent name. "Lion-all th LoB stah" in that brit southerneastern accent; even the word lobster is jokey and stupid "Lob stah". Images conjured by this stupid little animal with funny eyes, and claws doing its little thing and not coming out. But the boys would have had a job to do and Lionel, bless him, stuck to his hole.

      Brits have humour like that. Irony, a love of animals and a reference to being silly. We would grudgingly given it respect. The humour and irony is on us a little - not that we would have admitted it past the brief jokes and got on with it, like down the pub or shagging the missus. One or two would pause a bit more, time to time, not missing the irony. Not that anyone would say it; not unless you opened up. That lobster, eh. I mean its an animal right? So we love it. It teaches us something. Maybe we would talk to our friends and lovers about cute animals and lobsters; give a bit of unconditional love.

      I can see them now at the little memorial. 'Poor old Lionel' <sad eyes>. I guess in the face of irony us Brits have a good sense of humour after all. In a way it's a mark of respect to a crustacean, therefore stupid anyway too in many people's eyes -and these guys were divers so they'd likely respect it but be a bit used to Lobsters clanging around doing stuff - that is stupid and stuck to his hole in a bomb, and so was a true Brit to the end. The job had to be done, that's the reality of things in a mans' world. Good old Lionel, just like how the British duo Rice and Webber wrote in their lyrics in JC Superstar: "Well done Judas. Good old Judas" and the 30 pieces of silver. The payoff.

      Hence the Tabloid edge and newsworthiness. The Daily Mail is pretty nationalistic as all tabloids are. They can be very sick, twisted and rabid; fermenting hate, and disproportionate ideals. The very essence of tabloids is to pretend to be one thing (news, balanced in opinion, for example) and spout out the opposite. The Daily Mail is right wing conservative, sexist, extremely nationalistic and pretends to be a broadsheet. It would sup on stuff like this to maintain its drum beat and propose the ideology of the masses that read it. I mean - the Sun and Mirror are the working mans' paper, true blue collar - you have to be a thinking mans' man to read the Daily Mail. But then again, even a broadsheet would have spread this somewhere in their pages. We are, at the end of the day, very nationalistic people, it's just the tabloids use it with a heavier fist and less unbiased and thought out news reporting. One other thing. It's a mine, in British waters. The old WWII, we can't put it down that 'we kicked ass and our greatest hour'. Look at all the jokes we still say today about those times - we can't let it go, or we would have to think otherwise and deeper. Them Germans were the enemy and if it aint us we are fighting its a common enemy. We feel proud to have fought on our knees and did not fall but won as a people! Yep, a mine, in British waters. Yep Lionel was a cool Lobster that earned respect and took one for the boys as our bomb boys did their job. Yep we love our animals alright. And they're brits too. That is to say, until we turn on Lionel.
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        Re: Lobster killed when WWII mine detonated

        I hope it wasn't a rock lobster.

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