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Labour win historic 3rd term

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  • Labour win historic 3rd term

    The UK general election was yesterday. Labour under the leadership of Tony Blair won again, though with a reduced majority.

    I voted Lib Dem, but Labour won in my constituancy :( I am kind of pleased that they won though.

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    Re: Labour win historic 3rd term

    as with many i think we can understand the protest vote, i think the real winners in this election were the lib dems, an increased share in the vote, unfortunatly not really consolidated anywhere.

    despite the gain of 40 or so seats by the coonservatives, this was another embarrising defeat for them, their share in the vote has not changed really, they have just concentrated the vote to other areas.

    i voted Labour and labour won in my constituency, i am prud to vote labour and we had a very large percent of the vote where i am.

    michael howard is bailing out, as i expected, but i think its plain to see that even with the protest votes, going to lib dem or other parties, we see a quite sizable majority still. not a scratch on his previous majorities, but, i think it is important to say, that it is very rare for a post war PM to get a large majority, and even the majority that Tony Blair has, if we look at Mr Majors majority, is still quite large.

    i predict from here, that gordon brown or whoever it is next time, will win 4, the protest votes were largly temporary, IMO, and we will see a 4th victory for labour in 2009-2010

    Edit, now im off out tonight with other Labour supporters to get very drunk knowing our economy our health and our future doctors( those in schools) are going to be well looked after in this victory.




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