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  • Gapminder

    I was looking at a video at Ted that shows off a really interesting statistics visualization package called Gapminder:

    The presenter shows things like income versus child mortality versus country over time, with animation used to reveal some interesting trends.

    And at the end, he swallows a sword. Really.
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Gapminder

    That guy is quite funny while getting his point across very perfectly.

    And the sword swallowing is good as well.

    The 1 thing I did not like about the video was the advertisement at the end, here hes talking about poverty and a stupid rolex commercial comes on at the end.

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      Re: Gapminder

      Good demonstration.

      I remember when I watch that the first time I did some further reading. One big correlation with infant mortality (and he might have mentioned this) is when women take control of their uterus. Economic increase often happens at the same time but not always. In places like India and China there are great strides in the finances. But even in the poorer parts of the country the infant mortality goes down. Seems that the poor gain some of the "liberation" that educated women get. Not as much but some. Usually because the liberated woman realizes that controlling her body is so very important to the well being of everybody so she tries to teach the less fortunate ones as well.
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