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Controlling health care costs

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  • Controlling health care costs

    The other thread has talked about insurance and I think that is a no starter. Insurances will never control costs and that is the main problem.

    So how do you control costs?

    I see only two general approaches that will work.

    1. Deregulation of the industry to increase the numbers providing the service.
    2. "Artificial" controls by Government.

    Any other general approaches?
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    Re: Controlling health care costs

    put handcuffs on lawyers so that unneeded test are add to protocols to protect from malpractice litigation.


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      Re: Controlling health care costs

      Tort reform: All court cases involving malpractice have a jury of medical field professionals such as doctors, nurses, EMTs etc :) A jury of your peers isn't fair when the 'peers' don't understand what is being tried. There is a large enough pool of medical professionals to pull from.

      The best way to control cost would be to implement a large scale single payer system for basic medical care (preventative/restorative/emergency and regular life events like childbirth) to standardize access and reduce emergency room visits by allowing people to see a doctor when needed instead of allowing illnesses to progress due to cost. This could be state based or national, but must be at least on the state level.

      Non-basic services (such as non-medically necessary weight loss, vanity inspired plastic surgery, extended rehabilitation beyond doctor's orders) could be insured through private companies.

      By splitting these two parts the vast majority of people will be able to get affordable medical care at a reduced cost due to a reduction in illness complications, routing patients through a general doctor instead of emergency rooms, reduced spreading of disease due to people getting treatment/immunizations etc. The people who want additional services can pay for them as needed. Insurance can move back to being insurance only and could provide things like income when unemployed, injured, etc and could have reduced regulations since it would not be for basic or emergency treatments.

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        Re: Controlling health care costs

        I'd really prefer to see this done at the State level or lower, to allow one a reasonable exit option. Jurisdictions would then have some degree of competition.

        I'd also suggest allowing a jurisdiction to refuse service for anything but emergency treatment. No giving service to "illegals" (including out-of-staters) just because of some equality argument. (An individual jurisdiction could elect to provide, but the Feds should keep their hands off if the jurisdiction chooses to exclude outsiders.)
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