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‘Citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth

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  • ‘Citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth

    NSFW: After Fort Hood, another example of how ‘citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth

    An editorial about how in the wake of events following Ft. Hood, ‘citizen journalists’ lost focus on what really matters:

    Originally posted by Paul Carr
    I’d probably feel slightly smug, if I didn’t feel so sick.

    Smug that after two weeks of me suggesting that social media might not be an unequivocally Good Thing in terms of privacy and human decency, the news has delivered the perfect example to support my view.

    Unfortunately it’s hard to feel smug – hard to feel anything but sadness and nausea – when thirteen innocent people are dead.

    I’m talking, of course, about Thursday’s Fort Hood shootings. Better informed and more sensitive commentators than I have written about the massacre itself and what it means for the US army, and in particular for the thousands of Muslim soldiers currently fighting – and dying – for this country. How do you even begin to process the idea of an American soldier shouting the takbir, before mowing down his comrades in arms? On American soil? At the home base of the Combat Warrior Stress Reset program? Yes, that’s definitely one for the experts to parse.

    And yet, the first news and analysis out of the base didn’t come from the experts. Nor did it come from the 24-hour news media, or even from dedicated military blogs – but rather from the Twitter account of one Tearah Moore, a soldier from Linden, Michigan who is based at Fort Hood, having recently returned from Iraq.

    When Major Nidal Malik Hasan began his killing spree, commanders immediately put the base into lock-down in accordance with military procedure. Movements in and out were severely restricted, as was the flow of information to the news media. Official statements from army spokesperson Lt. Gen. Robert Cone were the only way for reporters to find out what was happening, while other base personnel focused on treating the wounded, and ensuring the threat had been dealt with. Or at least that’s what the commanders thought was happening. In reality Ms Moore’s was tweeting minute-by-minute reports from inside the hospital where the wounded were being taken for treatment...

    ...Two weeks ago, I wrote here about how the ‘real time web’ is turning all of us into inhuman egotists. How we’re increasingly seeing people at the scene of major accidents grabbing their cellphones to capture the dramatic events and share them with their friends, rather than calling 911. Last week I went even further with my doom-mongering, suggesting that the trend of adding people’s homes to Foursquare without permission was indicative of a generation that prioritised their own fun over the privacy of their friends...
    Also from the article: [Media file]

    I have to agree with what author is trying to point out. People are loosing focus, instead of trying to help those in need, they want to watch the world through the impersonal filter of a camera lens. In essence they are dehumanizing actions before their eyes in the standard 'not my problem' in-deference plaguing the world today...

    ~ Draken

    The tile of the article is listed as 'Not Safe For Work' I really don't see anything past maybe a PG-13 in the full article, however some of the links contained in the body of the editorial do contain graphic content, and there a few parts that would not pass the 'TV' test for language, either way better safe then sorry.

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    Re: ‘Citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth

    I really don't think they are loosing focus or becoming worse.

    What I think is happening is that we are now able to see, for the first time, humanity as it is. Without the filters of real journalists and the like only showing a slice. Technology has given individuals the ability to expose themselves and they have.

    The fact people don't get involved or want to report what is going on around them is really old stuff. Because we record it digitally and reproduce it on the internet isn't much different from just watching then going and gossiping about it to our acquaintances. Now it is just more permanent and a bigger audience than before.

    I like "This American Life" but the fact you had a bunch of kids watching two other kids fight is nothing new. The only difference is that they pretended to report on it.
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