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Bribery and logrolling

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  • Bribery and logrolling

    Is bribery ok when a congressman writes pork into a bill just to buy the vote of another congressman? He's not even using his own money to bribe the other congressman, but using the taxpayers' money.
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    Re: Bribery and logrolling

    I am of the opinion that no, doing so is wrong because I oppose trading of favors for passing of bills. In my opinion tagging non-related issues to other bills makes any vote meaningless (like adding discrimination laws to a spending bill that has nothing to do with discrimination).

    I also oppose the trading of votes (you vote for my thing and I will vote for yours) when each person should simply be voting for their constituency. I also dislike 'bipartisanship' as that simply means work with the other major party, just like I hate partisanship where instead of voting for your constituency you vote for your party.

    I do mean hate, not dislike or any other lighter version.

    The US representative for my district sent out a mailer about how she is for responsibility in spending (it was worded like a campaign flyer too) and the item is noted as 'Printed and mailed at taxpayer expense'. Great example of your responsible spending with your misleading comparisons, blame of your house's spending bills on the president and then making me pay for it. No reason to call and complain, the office would just hire more people to answer and ignore phone calls of complaints on my dime :P

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