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The Greatest Prank Call Ever.

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  • The Greatest Prank Call Ever.


    Some of you have probably seen the video above. Others of you have not.

    Thought I'd post this as I was about start screaming at my telephone with the last 5 telemarketing calls within the last 10 minutes (seems DoNotCall is not working too well for me). I was online trying to find some good ways to get these people to quit calling me. In the end, I ran into this video and now have lost my will to seek revenge.


    Too bad if I try something like this I'd be breaking the law. :(
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    Re: The Greatest Prank Call Ever.

    Thats a hilarious conversation. I categorize telemarketers right there with IRS agents, just above serial killers in the ladder of undesirables. :icon_lol:
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      Re: The Greatest Prank Call Ever.

      Lol yeah I've seen this one. Cruel but necessary.
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