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Airport security: We blew up your laptop

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  • Airport security: We blew up your laptop

    An announcement played over the sound system, interrupting my break in the sunshine. First in Hebrew, then Arabic, then in English. It was something along the lines of, ” do not to be alarmed by gunshots because the Israeli security needs to blow up suspicious passanger luggage.”

    I went inside to check on my bag. I had left it unattended, where they instructed. It was still there so I went back outside.

    Moments later a man came outside and introduced himself as the manager on duty. And then, “I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop. “
    Let this be a lesson to you: Never keep all your work in one place! Fortunately they missed her hard drive, but she could easily have lost a lot here.
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Airport security: We blew up your laptop

    What….all my client case notes and testimony, writing, pictures, music and applications. Years of work. NO!!!! What?? Are you insane?? What were you thinking? THAT’S ALL MY WORK!?
    Not backing up your laptop is like stupid with a heaping of idiocy. The thing can be dropped/stolen/soaked by weather at any time. My first worry would have been "Damn, I don't think I can claim warranty on firearms discharge at the airport!"

    Just because everyone does something does not mean that it is right to do.


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      Re: Airport security: We blew up your laptop

      What is sad is at first I laughed, then I read snooggums comments and thought... Crap I need to do a back up!




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