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Sharing your bed makes you stupid

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  • Sharing your bed makes you stupid

    Sharing a bed with someone could temporarily reduce your brain power - at least if you are a man - Austrian scientists suggest.

    When men spend the night with a bed mate their sleep is disturbed, whether they make love or not, and this impairs their mental ability the next day.

    The lack of sleep also increases a man's stress hormone levels.

    According to the New Scientist study, women who share a bed fare better because they sleep more deeply.
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Sharing your bed makes you stupid

    Um, personally, I dont give a damn if my brain functions are impaired the next day. I dont think most men will either. And If you are one of the few that care, I sincerely hope you either live in a very very fundamentalist relationship where sleeping in separate beds is the way to go, or you just plan on never having relations again. ;)


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      Re: Sharing your bed makes you stupid

      Newsflash!!!! Men in love do stupid things.

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