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ACORN scandal revisited

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  • ACORN scandal revisited

    I saw this on the Colbert report earlier. It sounds like that video of the pimp and whore in the acorn offices wasn't all that it appeared to be. It was heavily edited.

    I also found this from sep 16th 2009

    This points out long ago that it was obvious that the ACORN employees where just playing with the silly "pimp and whore" actors.

    Where is the liberal media overlords in all this? How could a country controlled by liberal media let this happen?

    Maybe the media isn't as liberal as we all believe?
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    Re: ACORN scandle revisited

    What's the pertinent part in the Colbert video? I saw a brief sequence with Hannity.

    I'm pretty skeptical of any "oh, I knew it was fake, I was just playing along" claims. Especially when similar advice on how to scam the system is handed out at more than one location.

    EDIT: I did find some articles about the DA finding no evidence of criminality in the videos, that they were "heavily edited". Not sure how they determined that.

    Nobody's going to report on this. ACORN scandal is a dead topic, no potential for ratings, attention-deficit public has already moved on. Besides, everyone would be admitting they were duped by a false report. Dan Rather got fired over that.


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      Re: ACORN scandle revisited

      Someone finally has shown the unedited versions. What a load of crap. I'm ashamed that I fell for this.

      Yes, it's the Rachel Maddow show, forgive the usual MSNBC/Fox "haha, you're a stupidhead" gloating.


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        Re: ACORN scandle revisited

        I think ACORN (or some reps thereof) were likely doing some things wrong. I however, do feel that to enjoy freedom of the press, there should be standards set for organizations and individuals to follow, along with extremely heavy penalties (similar to perjury) for breaking the truth in journalism compact. If you blatantly make stuff up and report it as the truth, you should go to jail. If you want to make up propaganda (on any axis of the political spectrum), you have to clearly advertise your outlet/story as fiction. I believe this would go a long way towards allowing rational political debate in this country.
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          Re: ACORN scandle revisited

          Hmmm, so will FOX News issue a retraction? Probably not. As with so many government sponsored entities there is going to be waste and corruption but FOX News clearly mislead the public. It's too bad, they could be so much more than they are. The same could be said of all the major media outlets in America. The problem is that real unbiased news does not sell and most of the general public cares little for news that is not based on partisan political hysteria.
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            Re: ACORN scandle revisited

            LOL, no way they'll even acknowledge that the videos were edited.




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