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Argentine town burns city hall after teen deaths

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  • Argentine town burns city hall after teen deaths

    It's seems the citizens of Baradero, Argentina are not going to tolerate reckless police, even when it's an accident.

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Hundreds of angry residents in an Argentine town have torched the city hall to protest the death of two teenagers in a police chase.

    Television footage shows residents attacking the municipal headquarters in Baradero, 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Buenos Aires.

    The 16- and 17-year-olds died Sunday, apparently after police tried to stop them for riding a motorcycle without helmets.

    Police Maj. Aldo Carossi said witnesses told officers the youths tried to flee. A police truck and the motorcycle crashed during the ensuing pursuit, killing the teens.

    Carossi said a transit inspector was detained.

    Protesters burned the police vehicle, then directed their fury at town hall and the vehicle registry office. Link.
    And now the aftermath:

    Residents riot after teens killed; officials resign

    Two officials in a small Argentinean town resigned and a third was relieved of his duties Monday after a fatal traffic accident led a mob to burn down city hall and other government buildings, authorities said.

    The accident Sunday morning took the lives of two teenagers who were riding on a motorcycle that collided with a traffic authority truck.

    The two city of Baradero employees who were in the truck were arrested on homicide charges after the crash, the government-funded Telam news agency said. They were not among the three who resigned or stepped aside. Officials are investigating whether the truck was chasing the two youths to give them a traffic citation or if the incident was a routine traffic accident.

    "They destroyed the whole family," said Roxana Gimenez, mother of one of the dead youths, 16-year-old Giuliana Gimenez.

    "Giuliana was everything to me," her mother said. "They broke my heart."

    A mob of around 2,000 family, friends and neighbors of the two dead young people started a protest Sunday that ended up with rock-throwing and the buildings being burned.

    City offices were destroyed, said the deputy fire chief, Pablo Alvarez.

    On Monday, Baradero's police chief, Oscar Gomez, submitted his resignation, which was accepted, as did Baradero Inspector General Pablo Scarfoni, said city official Nestor Prado. Scarfoni was in charge of all the city's transit inspectors, including the two involved in Sunday's fatal accident.

    In addition, local official Raul Franzoia was relieved of his duties provisionally while the matter is investigated, Prado said.

    According to police, Gimenez was the passenger on the motorcycle and died instantly after being thrown to the pavement. The driver, Miguel Portugal, also 16, died at the Hospital de Baradero shortly after the 6:30 a.m. accident, officials said.

    Sunday's demonstrations were quelled by early afternoon, Prado said. The mob reached about 2,000 people at its height, he added.

    None of the rioters was arrested, though five or six people were injured by the rock-throwing, Telam said.
    So, police try to pull over a couple teens for not wearing helmets but accidently kill them. Local residents riot and torch city hall. Many of the local officials either step down or are relieved of their duties. The police responsible for the deaths are charged with homicide.

    I'm not condoning what the townspeople did, but they seem to have gotten the desired effect.
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    Re: Argentine town burns city hall after teen deaths

    The "city employees" (were they police officers or traffic control employees or what? I can't determine from the article) were arrested after the crash. It doesn't seem to imply that they were arrested for homicide because of the riot.




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