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Smart Meters Meet Smart Hackers

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  • Smart Meters Meet Smart Hackers

    Smart meters sound like a good idea that could cut a lot of wasted power and expense, unless the meter or grid get messed with and the situation turns ugly. The article below says "Many security researchers say the technology is being deployed without enough security probing." A security analyst, Joshua Wright, demonstrated the truth of that and said, "Even though these protocols were designed recently, they exhibit security failures we've known about for the past 10 years."

    The next article is titled "Obama's Got It Right on Smart Meters." LOL. Not that a politician should be expected to know the details of utilities or networking security, but it would have been "smart" to just hold off pushing an idea before it was ready. I would also note this article says the "President of the Natural Resources Defense Council" needs sticky notes to remind her to conserve energy. I found that sad, but amusing in a much lighter fashion.

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    Re: Smart Meters Meet Smart Hackers

    My housing tract just got new Smart Meters a couple months ago. The guy installing the meters seemed surprised when I told him that the hackers already know how to crack them, according to articles I'd read.

    I like the idea of being able to read my meter from my computer at any time, but it's appalling the lack of thought that went into security. One wonders how well the SCADA networks of these utilites are protected. How easy is it to induce a massive outage?
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