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  • Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

    'White supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche murdered in pay dispute'

    'Eugene Terreblanche, the leader of the white supremacist AWB or Afrikaner Resistence Movement, was hacked and bludgeoned to death by two of his black farm-hands in a dispute over wages on Saturday, according to South African police.

    The body of the controversial activist who rose to prominence in the 1980s was found on his bed with facial and head injuries. Police spokeswoman Adele Myburgh said a machete was found on his body and a knobkerry club was lying next to the bed.

    His attackers were a 21-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy who worked for him on his farm outside Ventersdorp, about 68 miles (110 km) northwest of Johannesburg, she said. The pair, who have been arrested and charged with murder, told police there had been a dispute because they were not paid for work they had done on the farm.

    South African President Jacob Zuma appealed for calm following what he described as "this terrible deed." In a statement, he appealed for; "South Africans not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fueling racial hatred."

    Full article:

    The Guardian article, with more background and details:

    These articles give a pretty clear report of the situation and why. I tried to quote reasons why but it got too messy, long, and well, the articles say it all.

    Murder isn't good. But I can't help thinking "he who lives by the sword". Zuma is right to call for calm. It's indeed a big political event, as both articles show. Seems wounds could tear open instead of heal if not dealt with properly. At least it gives a chance to address those wounds properly and humanely, that would like to be thought of as healed but are not and as the articles show have been drawn out more into the open. I hope it does so.
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    Re: Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

    "Eugene Terre'Blanche killing – white supremacists vow revenge
    President Jacob Zuma tries to calm racial tension as far-right group ramps up language of race war"

    Article gives background and details. Such a minefield, what with the poverty, danger, mindsets, history and so on..


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      Re: Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

      It seems as if Africa will always be struggling with unrest. There are pockets of tranquility, of course. Hope this quiets down peacefully. The last thing Africa needs is yet another pocket of civil war.


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        Re: Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

        The extreme-white-right will no doubt try to use the killing of their racist leader as a rally cry for a new wave of white supremacy. What's so ironic about South Africa is that when the apartheid government ended the economic apartheid was just beginning.

        The whites who were in power during the apartheid regime are still in control of most of the economic institutions and corporations. They essentially got a free pass for all the injustices and were allowed to continue with an even greater freedom in the world. Once democracy came to pass the nations of the world then started doing business with them. It actually worked to their economic benefit to have a democratic society as they were now socially accepted throughout the business world. The white racists should hardly be complaining and causing trouble as they were never punished for their misdeeds.

        Africa’s enduring economic apartheid

        At the core of the apartheid system was an economic model that condemned the majority of Africans to an inferior standard of living. The late Ian Smith, President Mugabe’s last colonial predecessor, who died last week believed strongly in responsible government justified on the assumption that natives could never be trusted with the democratic project not only because of their illiteracy, but because their culture and values militated against their assimilation into a Eurocentric system and constitutional order.

        Through apartheid architecture, the colonial state managed to build a sophisticated industrial, mining and agricultural system to serve the interests of the settler community. In the main, apartheid in the context of South Africa did manage to accomplish the objectives it was created for and successfully positioned whites to be the ultimate victors in the post colonial state. The irony is that the real harvesters of the anti-apartheid struggle have not been the victims of the system; rather the apartheid system remains intact in many if not all post-colonial African states.

        The change of political systems in the post colonial state has done little to change the economic relations that underpinned the colonial state. The majority continues to be marginalised and yet independence was meant to confer real and tangible benefits to them.
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          Re: Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

          As a friend of mine said on his facebook status, "a fitting end to an old, fat racist". I don't think you are going to find any forward thinking South African who has much sympathy for him. He beat a farmworker to the point of permanent brain damage, plea bargained to a very minor sentence (imo) for that, and has generally been something my friends and I have been ashamed of as long as I have been aware of this kind of politics.

          I can't disagree with most of article that mp posted, but there is a lot of black ownership of business in South Africa now, to the point of it being the law. Thats not to say that the "elite", whether black or white, are not laughing to the bank on the backs of the poor, much like everywhere else.
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