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Students swear by module of 'obscenely hard' work

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  • Students swear by module of 'obscenely hard' work

    It's not unintuitive why this works. Too bad education administrators don't have the balls to pull it off on a wider scale - not to mention parents would be really upset!

    Looking back at the courses I've taught, I find myself always starting out working really hard and trying to teach material at a high level. But in most cases, poor attitudes of a majority of students, over the course of the semester, erodes my ambition, and by the middle of the semester I'm teaching at the level of the bottom students. :\

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    Re: Students swear by module of 'obscenely hard' work

    I have never been a full time instructor, Sordavie, so I can not understand how you may feel by the end of the semester. I do understand trying to make sure that the right information makes it to all of those being instructed. As a leader in the military, we struggle constantly to make sure soldiers are trained on various tasks and that we tailor that training to each soldier. We have the advantage of much smaller class sizes. I dont envy your situation.



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      Re: Students swear by module of 'obscenely hard' work

      One persons insanely hard is anothers walk in the park.

      I put in 12-15 hours plus had a 30 hour a week job and did some time assisting research. Still had plenty of time to get drunk and later to raise a family.

      In the Navy I had to do 8 hours a school a day and a mandatory 1 hour of homework per hour of class. Most the homework had to be logged and completed in the building because it covered classified material. On top of all that there was PT, uniforms to keep up, watches to complete etc. After that no class, even the ones with the hard-ass crusty professors that hate undergraduates, was ever really difficult. (Except for the foreign language classes. I never passed a single one of those.)
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        Re: Students swear by module of 'obscenely hard' work

        I like this idea. I don't even think of myself as smarter than average, but I sometimes found myself frustrated in school growing up, because I wasn't challenged enough. It was my advanced classes that I got the most out of, such as Computer Science, Physics, Spanish 3 & 4, etc.

        In countries like Japan, they are pushed to their limits, knowing that if they don't do well, they won't do well on their college entrance exams, and will be permanently subjected to menial jobs for the rest of their lives. You have 2 routes in most other countries, technical/trade schools or more traditional academic universities. Do poorly in high school, and you get neither of these choices. If we had the same intense pressure here, maybe many of our students would pull their heads out of their rears. The fact that we are allowed to goof off and get chance after chance, and end up in the same place as our peers really takes away the incentive for a kid to bust their humps in school.
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