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Women and war

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  • Women and war

    While digging around for something else (see the Socialism and Capitalism thread) I found this interesting interview with a primatologist (studies apes and people):

    From the interview:

    BLVR: This reminds me of your discussion of sex differences too. One of the things you talk about is how males—and you see this in humans and chimpanzees—will fight more often but they are much better at conflict resolution. Whereas females don’t fight as often, but when they do, it’s for keeps. There’s no resolution.

    FDW: That’s sometimes controversial, because people always assume women are more peaceful than men. Which in many senses is true. Look at the murder rate. But I do believe that women are not nearly as good at conflict resolution, and that’s why they try much harder to avoid conflict. And they’re often successful. But when the conflict surfaces….

    BLVR: Women hold grudges.

    FDW: Yes, often there is no resolution. A lot of women, especially intellectual women, can’t stand that idea. They’ve grown up on the view that women are good and men are bad. What men do is compete and fight—and that’s all they can do. But it’s actually, who was it, Golda Meir, I don’t know, a female politician said something to the effect that “it’s good that men wage war, because it’s only men who can make peace.”
    I play girls a lot in WoW and I tend to hold grudges and avoid conflict. Coincidence? Or is my Y chromosome defective?
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