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The secret army still fighting Vietnam war

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  • The secret army still fighting Vietnam war

    Title is from the Headline: "The secret army still fighting Vietnam war"

    “Hired and armed by the CIA in the 1960s, the Hmong remain trapped in enemy jungle, forgotten by America and the world”

    Here is an article I have been meaning to post since reading it in February. I believe the people deserve a voice.

    Other articles relating, for further information, from recent past and not so. All from same newspaper:

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    Re: The secret army still fighting Vietnam war

    Exert from the report (too large to paste in entirety) by William Lloyd George, in Laos:

    "Up a winding dirt path through lush mountains comes the sound of whistling from the side of the road. Narrowly missing a passing motorbike, two young boys with machine guns leap out of the dense jungle.
    We need to move fast, but as one boy hauls me to the top of a steep, muddy slope his hand flicks to his eyes. He is fighting to hold back tears.
    In a tiny clearing they've cut out of the thick bamboo forest four boys, seemingly no older than 18 whisper to each other. Sweating from the quick climb and dense heat, they hang up their torn blue uniforms on bamboo branches and prop up their battered old AK-47s.
    These are the remnants of the Royal Laos Army, hired by the Americans to disrupt Ho Chi Minh supply lines during the Vietnam War. Although Laos had been declared neutral, Vietnamese troops were operating there and the CIA saw it as another front against the spread of communism.
    For the rest of the world, the capture of Saigon now Ho Chi Minh City by North Vietnamese troops in 1975 marked the end of the Vietnam War, but for the Hmong, it was just the beginning. When the communist regime, the Pathet Lao took power it announced it would wipe out all Hmong from Laos. Since then the Hmong have been hiding in the depths of the jungle completely cut off from the outside world.
    The young soldiers lead the way to their people deep behind enemy lines in the Saysomboun, "special zone". They tread lightly and whisper, because, they warn, the "enemy is everywhere".
    Days and nights of trekking, some of it straight up mountains to avoid enemy patrols brings us eventually to the entrance of their camp. The whole community falls on the ground crying hysterically and begging for help. Old women shake with emotion as they speak of the horrors they have witnessed, while young children weep at their first sighting of an outsider. CIA veteran Cho Her lies face down in the dirt, praying for the rescue of his people. "US and world leaders please come and rescue us and stop the Laos government persecuting us for being the CIA's foot-soldiers during the secret war," he says.
    ....<report continues>...."

    Main picture:
    "Va Ming Lee, 45, with other Hmong fighters and children at their hidden camp in the jungles of Laos. Mr. Lee holds a M-79 grenade launcher given to him by the CIA when he served for them in the secret war against the communists in Laos."


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      Re: The secret army still fighting Vietnam war

      Well, there was not much the US could have done for them immediately after the pullout from Vietnam. But, after relations were restored with both Laos and Vietnam, we should have moved to try and help them through diplomacy.

      The Hmong fighters just backed the wrong horse and put all their eggs in one basket. They were apparently already at odds with the Loation government before the Vietnam War began, then when the communists took over it was reprisal time. But, I do think it's wrong for our government to just totally abandon them, certainly when there are diplomatic solutions that I'm sure could be negotiated.

      U.S. - Lao Relations 2009

      Very interesting article, nice find.
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        Re: The secret army still fighting Vietnam war

        Wasn't there an old Imperial soldier who was hiding on Okinawa or some small island and didn't find out that WWII for several years?

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