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Missing New Mexico cat found in Chicago

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  • Missing New Mexico cat found in Chicago

    A tabby cat from Albuquerque must have some story to tell.

    Charles the cat disappeared from New Mexico eight months ago, and was found on the South Side earlier this week — a little dirty but otherwise fine.

    The cat was brought to the city’s Animal Care and Control shelter, where a microchip embedded between his shoulder blades identified him, said Animal Care and Control Commissioner Cherie Travis.

    Turns out the owner’s roommate let Charles out in August, and he never returned. Now a good Samaritan from New Mexico has offered to pick up the cat while in Chicago for a wedding and bring him back.

    How he made the 1,300-mile journey remains a mystery. The absence of telltale clues, however, is a clue.

    “If he had walked that far, he wouldn’t have pads” on his paws, Travis said. “Someone must have picked him up and brought him here. He would look pretty worn out if he spent the winter walking to Chicago. And that doesn’t make any sense. Why would he go north for the winter?”

    Charles seemed to be enjoying his stay in Chicago. Other than an upper-respiratory infection, he was in good shape.

    “He needs a good bath — and he needs a brushing,” Travis said. Chicago Sun-Times.
    This cat must have caught a ride to Chicago. Maybe it's possible he walked, I don't know.

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    Re: Missing New Mexico cat found in Chicago

    Aaaaaaawww. <3 cats!
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      Re: Missing New Mexico cat found in Chicago

      jeez, our tabby cat was once found in the town over around 10 miles away, but that's impressive

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