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Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

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  • Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

    I've post a very interresting article on this subject before and some people here thoughts it was witch hunting. But finally, you got it guys the SEC accuse GS of fraud ! We're talking about one billion but this is what we know and what SEC can actually prove, but I would bet there is more than that. Actually I would change the "Could" on the title...

    "Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg" :

    And you know what, I think they knew it at GS and shorted there own share before this become public and did more money than that will cost them with this news... I don't know but I think it's a good guess... is'nt that ironic...

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    Re: Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

    You guys HAVE to listen to this episode of This American Life (if you didn't yet). It's about a company called Magnetar and how they broke everything. Unbelievable:


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      Re: Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

      In the same way of thoughts, here's another interresting that I've posted before, for those who already saw it just skip it...


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        Re: Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

        What exactly do you mean when you say conspiracy?
        Iím not racists, I have republican friends. Radio show host.
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          Re: Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

          So that is what will keep your attention in this matter? Have you even bothered to watch this file?


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            Re: Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

            A conspiracy ?
            What like the WH bought google adwords the day the investigation was made public ?
            The decision to investigate split on party lines ?
            The SEC is investigating itself over this ?
            Is this like AIG, when the President came out all indignant about bonus payments but he knew about them in advance, his SecTres was the one that negotiated them.

            It sounds like the most ethical and transparent government we have ever seen doesn't it ?

            I don't trust investment bankers and I know I don't trust the White House so I really don't know what to think of this one.
            You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
            So that when they turn their backs on you,
            You'll get the chance to put the knife in.Pink Floyd "Dogs"


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              Re: Goldman Case, it's not a conspiracy...

              I mentioned this story with GS a few months ago and it has been suggested that this was a conspiracy theory. I should have added "Theory" in my title , but anyway ...

              This trip with Goldman Sachs, AIG, Lehman Brother and GP Morgan Chase stinks of ****. This whole crisis reeks of ****. Msnbc link I posted above shows just reported a loan that the Fed and the Govt would conscent to Lehman to fake viability and we're talking about 140 billion on 3 years. Geithner said he was not aware ... heh wowee ... He said that it is his lawyers who handles AC, oh yeah.. that's insane, not for 140 billions. In addition, Paulson and Geitner both worked for Goldman, but it's just a coincidence ... anything. And it's not talked about the close links between Obama and Henry Kissiger, who gave him his first job and George Soros, who financed a part of his campaign, but who are these guy? Both Wall Street financiers, one of which work for? Goldman Sachs!

              Once this crisis happened what have done these people who have nothing to reproach ? A stimulus plan of 780 billions out of the pockets of the people to bail out the chest of these financial institutions and all under the direction of Henry Sachs Paulson.

              It is writen in the sky, the story was predictable and it stinks of ****! Too few people are interressted on that matter and everything is good to get the attention somewhere else, in the Healthcare or the threat of Taliban for example. People forgot what's billions of dollars, so I don't think they can figure what a hundred of billions really mean.




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