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  • Forced Busing (Education, Political)

    Basically Boston is looking at changing their busing for public schools. In the past, they had to transport kids all over the place to get minority enrollment up in various public schools because of forced integration. Now they believe that forced busing is not necessary and that they can save money by allowing kids to go to schools closer to home.

    The ironic comment I found in this article is below:

    But state Rep. Byron Rushing, a black Democrat from Boston who supported busing in the 1970s, said the issue remains a hot button among minorities. Based on history, he said minorities have no reason to trust proposals supported by white neighborhoods, a white mayor and a white superintendent.
    Why do I get the feeling that this State Rep is racist? :?

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    I'm white, and I have no reason to trust proposals supported by white neighborhoods, a white mayor, and a white superintendent.

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      Forced integration is discrimination ('racist') to begin with. End forced busing now.

      And Wyz, they have to trust a mayor who's been elected, but I agree there is no particular reason to trust people in appointed positions except as an extension of trust in the elected person who appointed them.

      It's the statement immediately after Wolfie's quote that bothers me:
      "We will have no serious reassignment proposals until they originate in communities of color," Rushing said.
      Oh yeah Mr. Black State Rep? What about the Hispanics and Asians and Aleutians and Others that are even less represented? That, to me, makes him racist - not the fact that he's concerned about "whites" (which are hardly a majority in large portions of the south and west) but the fact that it has to come from HIS 'minority' to be a worthwhile idea.

      I have no problem with Equal Rights. I have a serious problem with Superior Rights for minorities as some kind of guilt-driven restitution generations after the wrongs were committed. Affirmative Action is stupid.

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