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"Stop, Question, Frisk”

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  • "Stop, Question, Frisk”

    From the New York Times:

    A Few Blocks, 4 Years, 52,000 Police Stops

    Between January 2006 and March 2010, the police made nearly 52,000 stops on these blocks and in these buildings, according to a New York Times analysis of data provided by the Police Department and two organizations, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the New York Civil Liberties Union. In each of those encounters, officers logged the names of those stopped — whether they were arrested or not — into a police database that the police say is valuable in helping solve future crimes.

    These encounters amounted to nearly one stop a year for every one of the 14,000 residents of these blocks. In some instances, people were stopped because the police said they fit the description of a suspect. But the data show that fewer than 9 percent of stops were made based on “fit description.” Far more — nearly 26,000 times — the police listed either “furtive movement,” a catch-all category that critics say can mean anything, or “other” as the only reason for the stop. Many of the stops, the data show, were driven by the police’s ability to enforce seemingly minor violations of rules governing who can come and go in the city’s public housing.

    The encounters — most urgently meant to get guns off the streets — yield few arrests. Across the city, 6 percent of stops result in arrests. In these roughly eight square blocks of Brownsville, the arrest rate is less than 1 percent. The 13,200 stops the police made in this neighborhood last year resulted in arrests of 109 people. In the more than 50,000 stops since 2006, the police recovered 25 guns.
    I'm not in favor of this policy at all, just way too much police interrogation and information gathering with no probable cause. Advocates of this policy make their case for these tactics, but it's not enough to justify the practice, in my opinion. The full article is lengthy but very interesting.
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    Re: "Stop, Question, Frisk”

    The EU court just made it illegal to do that based on civil rights.
    I will tell you this though, NYC is a hell of a lot safer now than it was in the 90's before a lot of these programs started.
    I would think one reason they don't recover as many guns is because people don't just casually carry them around anymore since the chance of being discovered is much higher than before the stop-n-frisk policies were put in place.
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