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  • US Foreign Policy in Action

    Strip a key segment of the Iraqi population of democratic representation, train and fund fighters who will and do switch to the opposing insurrency side, back an ineffective and corrupt ruler who accelerates the process:
    "The former insurgents were initially paid by the American military, with promises that they would eventually get jobs with the government.

    But Awakening leaders and security officials say that since the spring, as many as several thousand Awakening fighters have quit, been fired, stopped showing up for duty, or ceased picking up paychecks."
    -- New York Times

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    Re: US Foreign Policy in Action

    As far as I know, the American military has not invented a device enabling commanders to see into the future.

    It worked at the time to amazing effect. Rewind back to 2007 when Petraeus reached out to the Sunni militia mentioned in this article and do what the public was screaming their heads off about: a full withdrawal. The sectarian violence that Iraq would have been left in would've been monstrous.

    It's sort of like bringing up the Afghanistan mujaheddin that the CIA helped fund against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Yes, we helped create something that we're now fighting. At the time, however, it helped deal a major blow to an enemy foreign country and kicked them out of a place where they were practicing total war against the civilian population.




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