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Best HD Settings for pro quality on Youtube?

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  • Best HD Settings for pro quality on Youtube?

    Ok, I've been making a few videos, link to my channel below. Yes, you can all stop laughing now, hardly the work of Fellini or even Michael Mann but there you go!

    (NB: I appreciate there is another thread on a similar topic but it does cover my specific needs.)

    I have provided the link so you can have a look at the vids and critique the picture quality rather than the clumsy editing or dire content lol, most are merely tests.

    My issue is this. I record at 1920 by 1200 full screen using Fraps. I then use Sony Vegas 10 plat HD to convert the video to 1080p. However try as I might I can not seem to counter the appalling bit rate of Youtube nor the resulting 'darkening' effect. I have added numerous combinations of post processing including varying degrees of added brightness, contrast and sharpness. I use a 2 pass render at the highest available rate (can't remember the amount off the top of my head).

    Regardless the vids never look anywhere near as good as my original fraps footage. Not even close. Now I as assuming the downscaling from 1920 - 1200 to 1920 - 1080 and Youtubes poor bit-rate means that I lose some 'light'. By that I mean that the removal of x number of black pixels will not make the picture any darker/brighter, however the loss of x number of white/light pixels will have a detrimental effect.

    So my question/s are;

    - Any tips on cleaning up the image
    - Which codec produces the most accurate representation of the un-rendered footage (I am not bothered if it's resource hungry or increases render time, my rig renders vid very quickly)
    - Any pro tips on some good default render settings to get me started (I accidentally deleted my most successful custom preset)
    - Any other tips for best reproduction

    Any help will be gratefully received, any discussion is more than welcome!

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    Re: Best HD Settings for pro quality on Youtube?

    I took a quick look at your recent Youtube vids. It seems you are producing interlaced videos (half images, which make "lines" visible on fast camera movement).

    Make sure to set your scenes and render settings to 1080p where the p stands for "Progressive" (not Interlaced, or 1080i), 1:1 square pixel ratio. As for the codec I would go with H264 MP4 (5mbit/s should be fine) and AAC audio (128-192kbps)
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      Re: Best HD Settings for pro quality on Youtube?

      Many thanks dawolf, I really should have spotted that (av nut). I will make sure my default settings match the above for my next trial.


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        Re: Best HD Settings for pro quality on Youtube?

        also see here

        YouTube widescreen
        Youtube widescreen is triggered by uploading a video at resolution 1280*720
        Youtube super widescreen is triggered by uploading a video at resolution 1920*960 and has slightly sharper image quality that 1280*720, so we recommend rendering up to 1920*960
        Also when you upload at this res, the default 'normal' res seems clearer as well


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          Re: Best HD Settings for pro quality on Youtube?

          Obvious answer is to just upload everything in 4k... :P

          The darkening that occurs on youtube is definitely hard to avoid. It seems that WMV loses less light once on youtube than MP4 does but I could just be going crazy.
          I wouldn't worry about doing 2-pass renders. Just something along the lines of 1080p 10-15MB/s constant bitrate with 192kbps audio, 30 (instead of 29.97) fps since that's what youtube uses anyway. Also as someone said above, make sure its progressive scan. Your BC2 pip vid is interlaced. You might just have your expectations too high for youtube. Your stuff looks pretty crisp as it gets for youtube.




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