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Tips with spicing up a Battle Recorder?

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  • Tips with spicing up a Battle Recorder?

    So, a couple weeks ago I was really happy to experience one of those rounds where litterally everything worked out not because of the failings of the other team but because of the ability of our own team. In hopes to disect and relay what happened I began a small video project and recorded the Battle Recorder through Xfire. Now I have limited clips right now and can't do a second take of anything due to an update rendering the BRfile useless...Thats not too bad of an issue considering what I have was already a long 15 minute raw video that pretty much captured everything I had wanted.

    Now... the most sad part of this video is the lack of audio. All the ambience of a battlefield's weapons only goes so far to convey the story and even less the teamwork that went into this round. (even then unless you have a person in each squad recording all the audio over VoiP this is unavoidable)

    I'm split to sell this like a "Documentary of the Battle" something presented factually and explictily pointing out certain events or something like a "Machinma" with multiple voice actors trying to sell it as if it was what was really being said.

    Music does feel important to have at times and I was checking through the PR soundtrack for something that fit and I was dissapointed when I didn't feel any fit.

    I'll post the Raw Video soon.

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    Re: Tips with spicing up a Battle Recorder?

    If you can get the actors it might be interesting to try to act it out YT.
    That might be pretty hard to do and not have it sound to cheesy.
    Maybe some low volume, tasteful music, with your commentary might make your job easier.
    We'll be interested in seeing what you come up with.



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      Re: Tips with spicing up a Battle Recorder?

      I sharpened the video up a lot made it less cumbersome and more to the point so now its just under 8 minutes (not too bad for a 20 minute battle).

      I think I'm set on a 'Narrator' with a little bit of 'Radio Comms' maybe. Title screens are just place holders now.




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