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Official TG youtube channel - info/video requirements/approval process

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  • Official TG youtube channel - info/video requirements/approval process

    Official Youtube Channel


    We all enjoy gameplay videos on YouTube, right ? Developer videos, reviews, tutorials, and especially user made gameplay. Even better is watching a quality video featuring TG style gameplay. So what if we had a central location where all high quality TG created videos were housed? We asked that question internally and the end result was the creation of an official TG youtube channel.

    The Goal of the Official TacticalGamer YouTube channel is to provide a consistent content stream of videos created by members of this community. This overall goal has several parts;
    • Provide an outlet for TG community members to share their gameplay videos.
    • For TG members to share an AAR in video form, the day after a memorable round or event !
    • Share tactical knowledge through the usage of 'how to' tutorials.
    • Enable another option where community members can stay in tune with what is happening in their community. You can see TG style gameplay in other games and possibly discover new games you may want to buy.
    • Over time, to build a timeline of what games have been played at TG and how they were played. It is one thing to read history - it is another to see it.
    • Create a location where Joe Public can see the principles that Tactical Gamer stands for in action.

      Watch me, a Tactical Gamer, in action.
      Watch us, a Tactical Gamer unit, in action.
      Watch me as I teach you how to be a Tactical Gamer.

    It is easier than ever to create talking teamwork videos

    It's now a lot easier to create talking teamwork videos as Fraps has simple options to record your voice along with your squad/team. There are a lot more videos appearing on YouTube with talking teamwork and isn't that our thing, shouldn't we have the best talking teamwork videos on our Official TacticalGamer YouTube channel

    Link to a short guide on how easy it is to record talking teamwork
    Link to the video forum at TG, see the stickies for good advice

    How to submit a video for the TG youtube channel

    It is very simple to submit a video for consideration on the Official TacticalGamer YouTube channel and you should find it similar to the ribbons process.

    First you must upload your video to a location of your choosing. We recommend creating a personal youtube account, uploading the video there and marking it as unlisted so only those with the link will see it.

    Then just start a thread here (its a semi private forum, only you and the forum admins can see your thread) and use this template when making your thread:

    Originally posted by Submission Template
    Link To Video:
    Suggested Title: (if you have one)
    Date footage in video took place:
    Who are the creators of this video:
    Does your video contain any copyrighted content?
    Short Opinion on why video should be added to the channel: (tell us here why this is a "TG" video and worthy of being seen by a large audience)

    The channel management team will then respond to your submission in the thread you created. We will help you upload the video if needed, help fill in your submission and maybe ask a few questions. Once the template has been fully filled in and any default requirements have been met, channel management will discuss your submission behind closed doors. We will then strive to come back to you with the outcome within two days. (no promises but we understand videos need quick turn around)

    If your submission is approved it will be uploaded and activated on the channel with all the necessary information filled in.(e.g. who made it) If it is declined we will give you an indication on why that has occurred so you may potentially fix something or tailor your future videos to better fit what the channel is looking for.

    Guidelines for what we look for in videos

    Simply put, videos must demonstrate good TacticalGamer play ! We want to see videos that demonstrate our standards of maturity & tactics & talking teamwork.

    We are looking for these types of videos;
    • Tell us a story that happened in a game over time, "We left a flag to go take another, this is what happened on the way, when we go there, this is how the flag assault went", "Here is how this mission played out through my viewpoint", etc
    • Show us an event (e.g scrim) that occurred within the community through a video after action report (AAR)
    • Teach us something tactical through a video tutorial/commentary

    We are not looking for these types of videos;
    • Frag videos, "see how awesomely I can frag all these people" (and listen to this copyrighted music while you watch me)
    • Random gameplay clips edited together with no story being told and no talking teamwork

    These are the main criteria we apply to evaluating videos for the Official TG channel;
    1. Videos must uphold the Tactical Gamer Primer
    2. Videos must be one of the types of videos we want to see, discussed above ( however, we are certainly open to possible exceptions )
    3. Videos must be HD, 720P or 1080P
    4. Videos must have a TG intro clip at the very start of the video, see here for clips to use. ( If your video is over 5 minutes in length we also recommend adding an outro )
    5. Videos must be edited to an ok standard, pro standards are not required, think about the cuts being simple and not taking away from the content of the video. Each video should be clearly finished, well organized and themed.
    6. Videos must not contain any copyrighted content, eg TV show clips, pictures, music (if music is not copyrighted then that needs to be proved by the person submitting the video)
    7. Videos must not advertise any other website (personal, business or community related)
    8. Videos must not have any swearing, abusive behavior, racism etc (see basic rules of conduct)


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    Re: Official TG youtube channel - info/video requirements/approval process

    Just a question about the swearing. Almost every place I play some guy swears or says at least one bad word like s*** or f***. We can't really stop this so if it's only the occasional swear word, will it still be considered for submission.

    Thanks, Sushi.

    |TG-Irr| sushi-sacha111

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      Re: Official TG youtube channel - info/video requirements/approval process

      There are ways of removing swearing, be it 'bleeping' or just lowering the sound level. Not really a reason to leave it in IMHO, I've used strategically placed gun shots in some of my previous videos. :D


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        Re: Official TG youtube channel - info/video requirements/approval process

        We will definitely be sticking to that policy but I would not say we are inflexible to ignoring a small slip of the tongue once in a while. Just submit the videos and we will take them on a case by case basis. Editing can always do wonders in making things right as PaintScratcher is talking about.




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