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BF3 Style Static Transition in Sony Vegas

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  • BF3 Style Static Transition in Sony Vegas

    I've been experimenting with mimicking the static transition found in the battlefield 3 trailers, using what I have which is Sony Vegas.

    A while back I tried creating a clip of the transitions directly from the bf3 trailers where it was over a black screen. Usually at the beginning and end of the clips.

    This worked ok, you simply make a subclip and set the track FX effect to 'screen' or anything else that masks the black background and shows an overlay of the static animation.

    Here's another way using photoshop and the TV simulator effect in Sony Vegas. I'm the first to admit there several ways to do this;)

    First I created a image with vertical bars in Photoshop using a simple repeating pattern. Saving it out to import into Vegas.

    Once I imported the image into its own layer I assigned it a 'TV Simulator' effect with the settings shown below.

    Next I created a layer above the "TV screen" and set it to 'cut' as a track effect , then placed a series of transparent PNGs that are black bars that will allow the video to show through in different areas at different parts of the timeline.

    Saving some random sets of bars for import into vegas.

    Placing the PNGs into a layer, repeating them as needed to reach the desired length of the transition.

    So now it shows strips of the TV effect. I then saved out the effect by itself so I could import it into future projects easily.
    It seemed a little slow, so I decided to speed it up slightly when I put it back in.

    Finally I imported the static effect into the timeline and applied a screen effect to the video layer it was assigned to. I added another copy of the clip in a new layer above. Slightly shifting its position, applying an black/white effect and making the layer mostly transparent.
    Additionally I gave a Swap transition to the two in game clips with an 'Up' preset.

    Additionally you can add a static sound effect, either capturing them from the actual BF3 trailers or creating your own.



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