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    How's the game going for you? Most of us have probably recently paid our first subscription fee. How's the game going for you now that the first 30 days are up?

    I'm doing okay in the game. I've hooked up with an old LOTRO guild that is fairly active on the Empire's side. I'm a level 41 Sith Juggernaut and kind of plugging away. I can't say that I've had a single "whoa, that's cool" moment in the game. Everything is pretty expected and follows the typical MMO scene.

    I've spent all my time in the game partnered with a close friend. We've managed to duo all the quests we've run into with the exception of Flashpoints. I've only completed the initial flashpoint, Black Talon. I haven't done a whole lot of pvp other than a dozen warzones. I hate Huttball and the only other warzone I've played is the "control 3 objectives" map. I'm not impressed with the warzones. I have not done a space mission yet.

    I pretty much just play on the weekends and rarely play during the work week. I don't have a real desire to play. Nothing is pulling me back to the game aside from my friend pestering me to play. I can see myself going for another month, possibly more if I don't hit 50 in that time.

    It feels like I'm just going through the motions. I think MMOs may be dead to me.

    So, how you doin'?



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