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ArgaSkanskaMan - Gaming Videos - Battlefield 3 & Dayz

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  • ArgaSkanskaMan - Gaming Videos - Battlefield 3 & Dayz

    We have just recently started our YouTube-channel ArgaSkanskaMan where we play Battlefield 3 and get very frustrated with the outcome. (Mainly because we're not that good)

    Many videos is in swedish but we also have videos that is suitable for any language. One video that works in any language is out Battlefield 3 - Acapella video where we recorded every in-game sound with out mouth.

    Acapella Battlefield 3 - SMAW, sniper & shotgun

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Re: ArgaSkanskaMan - Gaming Videos - Battlefield 3 & Dayz

    Thought that I might as well add our DayZ-video on to here as well.

    We're speaking swedish but at 3.36 we experience a hacker that plays p***o sounds while following us. I guess this part can be understood by anyone!


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      Re: ArgaSkanskaMan - Gaming Videos - Battlefield 3 & Dayz

      Beginning a brand new DayZ series!

      Unfortunately for all the not-swedish-speaking community. It's all in swedish.

      Basically we are four guys that will see for how long we can survive on the map Taviana. When one of us dies, he cannot have any contact with the rest on skype and his new mission will be to try to kill the rest of the crew.
      This means that there maybe only will be 1 episode, since we all have a chance of getting killed right away, or maybe it will be 30 episodes long :)

      Hope that someone will appreciate this :)




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