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    I need to edit video from Mini-DV and save it to DVD. Does anyone have recommendations for an easy to use software package? Video Studio Pro X6 looks like a contender.
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    Re: Software recommendation

    Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere would be my reccomendation for everything.

    But for your case if you don't see yourself editing anything else (Gameplay,Self Shot footage, etc.) this would be the way to go. Due to the fact that this is affordable and its made by corel.

    If you don't mind spending some money Sony Vegas would be the way to go.
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      Re: Software recommendation

      I use Vegas and PremierPro CC - the latter is more finkey about the video it will import while Vegas will work with just about anything you throw at it. Vegas is pretty easy to dive into and make some decent stuff and PP has a slightly steeper learning curve.

      in the long run I like the Adobe suite of products (creative cloud) as they work best together and between when moving and editing stuff back and forth, but for the budget minded . . . .Vegas movie studio (I think it's called) is pretty tight for not much money (full version).





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