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  • Fraps and Moviemaker

    I'm pasting this in from the 3rd forum since I didn't know of this forum at the time.

    Ok, so I recorded a bit with the trial version, now trying to put stuff together in Windows Movie Maker, and I'm going nuts. Program keeps on crashing. I googled a bit, and came up with some very mediocre results: codecs conflicting and some other junk. I have no extra codecs that I know of, nor do my results really explain too well what codecs to look for. Anyone else have issues with MM crashing a whole bunch?

    Onto problem 2: I had the trial verision installed and heard from people that the full version doesn't install easily once you have had the trial on your PC. Did some googling to find fixes and not too much out there, some registry keys to look out for, but didn't spot any.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

    Fraps files are slightly on the large size and if you frapped a whole game then that size may overload (?) WMM. Try splitting up you game into several fraps files while filming, eg stop and start fraps each time you die. That way you are importing 1 of x files into WMM at a time

    EDIT I just realised trial version is 6 sec clips, so above does not apply.

    Other possibility is to render down the size of fraps before importing it. EG use another rendering program prior to import to WMM. this thread Rendering in another program may also put in a WMM friendly format. Have you got the latest version of WMM installed, worth checking maybe.

    Upgrading from trial to full fraps gave no issues to me


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      Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

      I googled your 2nd problem but didn't get clear cut answers. Most of the solutions went over opening up regedit and deleting some registry keys. Although, the websites and posters that went over this were a bit iffy (cracked version of fraps).

      Most detailed post came from piratebay :row__688:


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        Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

        I am assuming that Window's Movie Maker is crashing correct? Can you open the FRAPS files and play it straight from Windows Media Player or does the file come up corrupt? I had this problem and I had some sort of conflict with my onboard video card. I had not deleted the original onboard video drivers. I had to delete all of my Nvidea video/display drivers, reboot, reinstall current version of Forceware (93.71) and restart. Then FRAPS worked perfectly.

        I also uninstalled FRAPS, deleted the one remaining FRAPS file after uninstall and registry keys and then reinstalled after I had updated my video drivers.

        If the problem continues email FRAPS tech support, they got back to me within a day after I sent them the problems I was having.
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          Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

          Well, to more fully explain the problem:

          Record the 30 second clips with FRAPs in game, then import them into Moviemaker. One of them did not play well, after importing, got an error report immediately. All the others were able to be imported, yet it would give an error report now and then and force the program to close.

          I'm fairly positive it is not a driver issue, have only one set of drivers installed, and this is a fairly clean/fresh install of XP, as well as the latest version of moviemaker.

          Got the same results Pablo, that was one of the first ones I had looked at.

          I'll check out that other thread on rendering and such, maybe I'll find some answers there. Thanks guys, I'm gonna purchase within the week, so hopefully I can solve these problems and be spitting out movies soon.


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            Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

            Every once in a while FRAPS will fail while writing the AVI file index while it is closing a file (most likely because of a resource conflict while playing the game.) If this happens WMP will puke on it when trying to play the movie due to the file "corruption".

            If you have a clip that will not play in WMP that you want to recover, you can load it into VirtualDub and VDub will recreate the index on open. Then you can save the file back out, and it should be useable.

            I have no extra codecs that I know of
            By definition if you have FRAPS installed you have an extra CODEC becuase FRAPS uses it own special CODEC to record into. If you uninstall FRAPS you will lose that codec and your raw clips should not be playable.


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              Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

              Ahh, well, I guess thats in there as well then...

              What you said about the indexing sounds what could have been happening, I'll check out the avi's later on.


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                Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

                this post

                Originally posted by Exploding_Silver
                WMM is great for throwing a movie together quickly. I agree vegas (or the alike) can take hrs for fancy stuff that doesnt necessarily make a difference. What counts is great footage. WMM cannot seperate out sound from visuals though, so to take fraps footage from game including squad chatter and overlay that chatter onto battlerecorder footage cannot be done with WMM.
                Originally posted by Snail88
                You can seperate audio from the video using WMM. Once you have the clip in the timeline, click the little plus symbol next to "video" on the left and it seperates the vid from the audio. Then you can take the audio and drag it down to the audio overlay. Unfortunately i cant seem to figure out how to get music to play over that since its basically taking over the music slot.
                i checked this and you can drag down the audio part into the musci timeline. So you can overlay squad chatter over battlerecorder footage. Although fiddly this can be done. To then put in music you would have to render the video, then import it into WMM again to then add the music, so render twice.


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                  Re: Fraps and Moviemaker

                  Yay! Did not think that was possible so thnx for the tip.




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