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Putting music from a BR file into another video

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  • Putting music from a BR file into another video

    Hey there guys. I am editing some Battlefield 2142 movie but since my sound is messed up (I'd like some help on this one too, I'll post it below) it doesn't record any ingame sounds from my first person recording, so I decided to use the sounds from the Battlerecorder recording, which it did capture.
    I am now editing it in windows movie maker but I have no idea to cut the sounds from the BR file onto the bit with the first person action.

    I'd like some help with my other problem too: when I record it doesn't record any of the ingame sounds. It does record my voice and the sounds from my environment, like the typing on my keyboard.
    My soundcard is onboard, some Realtek thingey and I use a headset, if this info is of any use.
    And I also get really weird bubbly-noises in the audio file. (so in the BR file there are sounds but they sound really bubbly - like underwater talking.. :p --> No it's not funny!)

    Any help on either of the problems is much appreciated! :)

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    Re: Putting music from a BR file into another video

    I think the easiest way to do this is to copy both of the video clips (your 1st person with no sound and your BR with sound) into the timeline. Trim each clip so that they are in sync with each other (start points are the most critical). I recommend using a server message that appears in both as the sync point, but you can use other methods as well. Isolate the frame when the message first appear in each clip and trim our everything up to that point.

    Then, drag the BR video clip with the sound down into the Audio/Music track below the video timeline and direclty under the first person clip. What this essentially does is take the video clip and make it an audio clip instead (one of the nicest features of WMM). You should now see the 1st person video clip in the video timeline above and the BR audio track directly below it (if not adjust accordingly). Then just to make sure none of your mic recorded audio plays through make sure to mute your video clip so only the sound from the audio clip is heard.

    I hope that helps - I'll come back to your overall sound problems in a minute!

    EDIT: Sound Problems

    On your overall sound problems, I believe the majority of your problem is your onboard Realtek sound. Until I got a sound card, I had similar problems of not recording ingame sounds and overall poor quality. There is a possible quick (but not complete) fix. I assume you are using Fraps to record in-game. If so, in Fraps open the "Movie" options tab. Ideally at the bottom of the window the Sound Input should say 'What U Hear" but I don't think Realtek onboard can do that. So, what you can do is check the little box labeled "Use Windows Input" instead of "Detect best sound input". This should then force Fraps to record ingame sound instead of what is recorded by your mic. Give it a shot!
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      Re: Putting music from a BR file into another video

      Thank you so much loyalguard, answered my question perfectly. +rep for you mate




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