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  • Help With Adobe Premiere

    So I just got the Trial for Adobe Premiere video maker, and it's a lot different from your basic Widows Movie Maker program. Are there any video guides or just regular text guides that can help you with the basics of making a movie with Premiere? I tried the help tab in the program, but like with every other program in the world, it doesn't really help you.


    Edit: I was able to Export a video, but when I went to play it, it was all dark and you could hardly make out anything at all.

    I also cant seem to export any Audio Files into Adobe Premiere, is their a certain way or a certain type of audio file you need to make it work?

    Also, how do you change the Resolution? The main reason I switched to Adobe from Windows was that the Resolution options were garbage, and saw videos from adobe premiere in which the resolution was way better and higher.

    Those are the three questions that I need answered, if I can solve them, then I can pretty much be on my way making some movies with Adobe. Any help at all is appreciated.

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    Re: Help With Adobe Premiere

    I never got Premiere to export videos in any useful codec and size. It also can not encode audio in MP3 which is a shame. I use the File / Export / Adobe Media Encoder to generate MPEG1 videos. While that might not be the best way its the simplest and quickest I could find.

    To get started with Premiere in general, here are some great tutorials (including tutorial videos):
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      Re: Help With Adobe Premiere

      I never had much luck exporting videos with Premiere. It's a shame because it's a good piece of software, but it is difficult to get your creations out of it.

      When I did my TGU Rotary Wings video I exported it to uncompressed AVI then used MEncoder to encode it properly. This obviously takes up a ton of space and is not really feasible for long videos or frequent use, unless you have a _lot_ of free space.
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        Re: Help With Adobe Premiere

        Thanks for the Help guys, sounds like I have to go back to using windows Movie Maker, which isn't much of an Improvement. Is it what all of you use to make movies with?


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          Re: Help With Adobe Premiere

          windows Movie Maker, which isn't much of an Improvement. Is it what all of you use to make movies with?
          Most people use WMM, some people use Sony Vegas (which is what I use,) and one or two people use Premier.

          Sony Vegas, from what I understand, is quite a bit more feature rich then WMM. There largest factor is that you can have a variable number of audio and video tracks on your editing palette at once, making editing multiple streams of video/audio much much easier. Then, on top of that, Vegas provides a ton of transitions, media generators, and video effects. This provides you with a lot more flexibility in how you edit together things. The obvious downside is the ~$150 price tag (well, I think there is a ~$500 version too, but it's not really needed at this level of work.) It's a handy program, and I like using it but the cost turns off alot of people for whom WMM is sufficient for their needs.


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            Re: Help With Adobe Premiere

            FatCobra, I use Adobe Premiere Pro.

            If you can you repost your questions specifically (and number them) then I'll respond with specific answers to each one as I can.

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