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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making

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  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making


    this thread is for all things about movie making in enemy territory quake wars


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    Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making

    To record all as you play and record all VOIP too;
    • Unmute your mic (start/control panel/sound speech and audio devices/sounds and audio devices/device volume advanced button/options/properties/playback/microphone untick mute)
    • tap the microphone to test that your mic sounds are fed back through your headphones, this is the key for recording all VOIP including your own
    • load ETQW, get on a server
    • do the tap test again
    • record with (free version is locked to 60secs of recording) or with guncam (no limit to recording time in free version) - fraps is better though I reckon
    • Adjust your graphics downwards until you can play and record at the same time, recording kills FPS. Note if you are recording at 30FPS then fraps will lock your FPR at that level while recording
    • Adjust various volume settings (VOIP in, VOIP out, game sounds, reduce game sounds when VOIP is active), the test is when you play the movie can you hear your voice and other peoples at equal volume while you are firing your weapon, and weapon fire/game sounds are a lower volume than VOIP

    • fraps produces very large avi files
    • edit with windows movie maker that comes as standard with windows xp and vista

    recording 3rd person
    • when ingame you can record a demo
    • good write up here, quick summary is press F12 to start/stop demo recording
    • demo recording has very little hit on FPS
    • demo make a record of all gameplay on the server, it is not a movie file. When you replay demo it replays the game inside ETQW.
    • Demo file does not record any VOIP
    • Then use to play in 3rd person (I will write up more what this program does latter)
    • record from demo replay with fraps


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      Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making application is really good for the 3rd person filming, easy to open the demo and off you go, it loads up etqw and you can go third person and record with fraps there and then

      Originally posted by cybopat readme
      Name: Quake Wars Player for Demo ET:QW (qwplayer)

      Build: 0.62

      Author: CyboPat (c) 2007

      Info: Utility to play demo files for game "Enemy Territory:Quake Wars Demo"
      Tested on Windows XP (SP2) - Czech version, not tested on Vista

      Used Keys:
      - KP_LEFTARROW (Numpad 4) - slow playing
      - KP_5 (Numpad 5) - normal speed
      - KP_RIGHTARROW (Numpad 6) - fast playing
      - KP_UPARROW (Numpad 8) - ultra fast playing
      - KP_DOWNARROW (Numpad 2) - ultra slow playing
      - KP_PGUP (Numpad 9) - toggle show HUD info
      - KP_PGDN (Numpad 3) - toggle person thirdview
      - KP_INS (Numpad 0) - toggle demo pause
      - KP_HOME (Numpad 7) - toggle free view
      - KP_ENTER (Numpad Enter) - normal speed camera
      - KP_PLUS (Numpad Plus) - fast speed camera
      - KP_MINUS (Numpad Minus) - slow speed camera

      Qwplayer make asociation of file extension *.NDM.
      Next time you can just click on the NDM demofile.

      Installation: Just unzip file 'qwplayer.exe' instead off QW folder and run it.

      Web: (section Visual Basic)

      Email: [email protected]

      Release history:

      - 0.62 (2007-10-22) * add button DEL - rotate cam in thirdperson view
      - 0.61 (2007-10-01) * now works for full version only (demo version of ET:QW is NOT supported)
      - 0.60 (2007-09-21) * add button Setup
      * demos are playable from other directory than '../base/demos'
      - 0.59 (2007-09-19) * add keyboard layout, 3 new keys for changing camera speed
      - 0.58 (2007-09-18) * first release


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        Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making

        demo movie making guide


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          Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making

          there are some other versions of the above script that map the keys to WSAD type setup.

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            Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making

            if fraps is laggy for you then try growlercam


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              Re: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - movie making

              you can record client demo on any server start/stop is F12
              client demo records the info you receive and send to the server, tends to be everything near you and getting more sketchy the further away

              server demo is recorded by the server and records everything, everywhere on the map. The file is much larger. It is a server option to turn it on and takes server resources. The files are stores on the server (?) and then transfered to a storage area elsewhere, when i saw this in BF2142, most websites stored the last two days worth (or there about) then deleted the old ones




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