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    Growler Guncam is software that records sound and video that is functionally simmilar to the better known program Fraps.

    In my brief test with the program, I have found that it has the potential to be superior to fraps.

    I can have a capture rate that is lower than the framerate I play at. This means that I can maintain a high framerate while playing. I normally am at 55 FPS, when I record with fraps at my normal video settings, I go down to ~25 FPS. It gets really choppy, regardless of the game. With guncam I go down to ~40. That is a huge difference in terms of playability while recording.

    note that while I have success with recording my own voice without having to hear it played back over my headphones, silver has not met with the same success yet. I just realized that while it is recording my voice, it is NOT recording in game sounds...

    Lots of testing needs to be done, but my innitial impressions are this this tool is much better than fraps. It has way more options, and a built in movie editor...

    The demo version is fully functional and will work for a week or so that way, then it watermarks the output.

    total cost is less than fraps...

    I am quite excited about it.
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    Re: Growler Guncam

    Is there a way to record "What U Hear" in the program to get both your mic and in-game stuff? I know you can do that with programs like Audacity, but I've never tried it with Fraps, and I've never heard of this program.
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